A muffled but distinctive thwop sound #satSpanks

Hello, Saturday Spankers! You may or may not remember a year ago when I went on and on and on about an amazing series I found called Falls Chance Ranch, an amazing domestic discipline series. Well, the authors, Rolf & Ranger, are still writing and I thought I would give you a snippet from one of their newest in the Falls Chance stories. This is from Boston Harbour, Chapter 1.

It’s the 1940s, James is back from the war and is numb. His parents sent him out to a ranch in Wyoming to convalesce. Only he finds out west, something he hadn’t ever expected to see out in the open. Men like him. In this scene, one of the men in the ranch has just been caught smoking and being untruthful about it and was taken inside of the house. James and David are sitting outside.

* * * * *

From inside the house suddenly came a muffled but distinctive thwop sound, followed in series by a slow, regular repetition of thwops. It was unmistakeable; a sound James had last heard in his frat house, punctuated by an equally unmistakeable muffled yell. Obviously younger brothers around here did not get away with what had been a barefaced lie, and James found himself approving of it. Not at all surprising either that it would be Philip who would identify and mind about such things; the man’s authority was as powerful a part of him as his kindness. David didn’t look up as if this was nothing unusual. In fact, from what James knew of Wade, he doubted it was.
David, who had been looking at the barn, swung around to James as if he’d suddenly realised his life’s ambition.  “Have you ever gone night fishing?”
“No, I have been taught to fish, but I don’t believe-”
David was already half way across the yard, barely glancing back to him.

* * * * *

This was from Boston Harbour, one of the many stories in the Falls Chance Ranch gay domestic discipline series. If you’re interested, you can download their books from http://fallschanceranch.forumotion.co.uk Just register and you can get them all, for free, from their bookshelf in epub, mobi, pdf, or even word documents. They update with new chapters from their different stories often. This is one hell of a series. Once you start reading, you’ll never want to stop.

Which book to start off with? Falls Chance Ranch, of course. 🙂

And now on with the hop…

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