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S is for Serendipity…as in Serendipity Jones, or Seri for short, from my Markham Library novella Eclipse of Her Heart for today’s Spanking From A to Z Challenge.

Seri is excited to get a job at the world’s largest erotic library and right after her arrival starts to hear intriguing things.

* * * * *

Without a watch and no clock in sight, she had no idea how long she had spent up in her room, but she could not wait any longer. Pulling on a pair of slip-on shoes, she walked over and cautiously opened her door, peeking out. Nobody was in sight. Stepping out, she decided to see where the staircase was to the fourth floor. She wouldn’t touch anything, but the desire to see the library was overwhelming. Knowing they hadn’t passed a staircase when they came down the hall, she decided it must be beyond the last door. Unfortunately there was nothing but wall beyond the last door. “How odd. Where is the staircase?” Confused, and a little disappointed, she turned back and stared down the hallway. Every door had been accounted for except this one. What was behind it?
Before she could figure anything out, she started to hear noises, grunts and an indistinct pounding. Pausing, she listened further, wondering if someone had a television in there. There wasn’t one in her room. Cautiously, she stepped closer. Looking around to make sure that nobody saw her, she placed her ear up to the door. The sounds she heard made her heart race and her panties dampen.
“Yes,” grunted a deep male voice. “Your pussy feels so good. You are wet for me, aren’t you, Claire?” The sound as though hand met flesh made Seri jump. “Such a little slut.” The rhythmic pounding sound continued and Seri realized she was listening to someone having sex. Without a thought, she pushed her ear into the door, hoping to hear more. Hearing erotica was even more exciting than reading it!
“Oh, yes, slut, yes! Tighten that little cunt for me. Make me cum, girl. Make…” pant, slap “me…” slap, pant “cum!” he hollered and then the rhythmic sounds stopped and he let out a long moan.
Gasping out as her own core tightened in response, Seri backed up a few paces, breathing hard. That had to be the hottest thing she had ever heard. She took a step forward to listen some more when she heard laughter from the end of the hallway. Jerking around, she didn’t spot anyone, but rushed over to look as though she was staring out a window. 
* * * * *

Eclipse of Her Heart

Length: Novella
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Series: The Markham Library, Library Tales

Thrilled to be spending her summer interning at the world’s largest erotic library, Serendipity Jones feels it cannot get any better than sun, sand, and the beautiful castle the library is housed in. Within days of her arrival, strange things begin to occur that only she knows of. Erotic sounds come from within the library when nobody else is around, the books won’t open, and a strange man seems to be plaguing her steps.
At first annoyed by the imposing taciturn man, she finds herself attracted and quickly falls in love with Joshuan even though he is meant for another. On a quest to find the woman foretold in a prophecy from his world, he is at first annoyed at Seri who keeps getting in his way before coming to enjoy her company and falling in love with her. But their short love affair must come to an end. For the woman foretold will be found as the sun goes silent and the solar eclipse comes quickly.
The Markham Library series is about a private library belonging to the Markham family. Within this library the heroine or hero of each novella/novel finds her or himself thrust into the storyline of one of the novels it contains.

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