R is for Riley #SpankA2Z #gay #glbt #inthecloset

R is for Riley for today’s Spanking From A to Z Challenge.

Riley is one of the characters in my story How Had Karen Known?, part of Volume IV of my Erotic Shorts series. Riley has no idea he’s gay. All he knows is he has no attraction to women, not even his girlfriend. When she agrees to call things off and leaves him stranded at a gay bar, he never expects the outcome.

* * * * *

He barely nodded again before the bartender was in front of them. “On the gal who just left,” he said, handing over two shots of whiskey before he walked away. Internally shaking his head, Riley wondered how Karen could have even guessed, let alone known he would meet a man he would be attracted to for some reason. He had never been attracted to one before. 
The two talked for over two hours, the conversation easy; leaning in toward one another slowly became casual touches which turned to soft caresses and before Riley could even comprehend it, Jason asked, “Want to go back to my place?”
Jason’s place was a hotel just two blocks down and by the time they got inside, propriety seemed a thing of the past. Riley practically tore his own clothes off while Jason removed his own with the same amount of alacrity. That first kiss was explosive. Riley had never felt anything like it. Jason’s mouth was firm, his tongue eager and before they even tumbled onto the bed, Riley was thoroughly tongue-fucked in a way he hadn’t even considered existed. 
Jason’s weight on top of him felt right, his hard chest and firm muscles so much better than thin arms and plump breasts. This. Was this what he had never known he was looking for? “Ahh!” he cried out as Jason’s sure, strong hand took hold of his cock and began to stroke. Never before had another man touched him like this. 
It was glorious.
It was right.
It was hot!

* * * * *

Erotic Shorts Volume IV

Length: Short Stories
Genre: M/M Erotica
Series: Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts

Short erotic stories that will get your motor going. Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume IV are all erotic M/M stories. Enjoy gay erotica? This is right up your alley.

Stories included:

How Had Karen Known?: Riley knew he wasn’t attracted to his girlfriend but he refused to acknowledge why. Until she set him up with Jason.

Nathaniel’s Journey Chapter One: Nathan was excited to read his new M/M book, but when reality pre-plays out each chapter, he finds pleasure he had never experienced before.

Day Dreams: Derrian is out, but shy, and tends to lose himself in his day dreams. When the subject of one of his most lurid dreams asks him for sex, what else can he do?

Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?: Covlin was not supposed to be next in line for the throne; now, instead of enjoying himself with his lover Kalen, he must prepare himself to marry a chosen female. In fairy tales, things must go wrong to go right.

Make Me Yours: Cairn and Destri have had a rough road but finally, they are married. And tonight, Destri asks something new of Cairn.

Thank you, Mr. Branthon: Jonar was there for a quick fuck. But the untouchable Connor Branthon just added a whole new level of hot.

Dream Fodder, Mr. Branthon: No matter what, Jonar cannot get Mr. Branthon off his mind. He even invades his shower time.

I Would Give Anything, Mr. Branthon: He planned to stay strong, but watching Mr. Branthon flog another man was Jonar’s undoing.

Just For Tonight, Mr. Branthon: It might be the only time but just for tonight, Jonar would enjoy being Mr. Branthon’s boy.

Get On With It, Old Man!: Excerpt from The Hand of God by Raya Ezelle – Jeremy has a lot of deep anger toward his old religious leader only to find he needs him now.

Available from:

Barnes and Noble

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