P is for Punishment #SpankA2Z #spanking #paranormal #demon #bdsm #bookrelease

P is for punishment – for the Spanking A to Z Challenge.

That seems rather apropos, don’t you think? Over a year ago I penned a short story called sapphire for the winner of the Erotic Countdown giveaway. Up till this point, she has been the only reader. I think it’s time it came out into the wild blue yonder.

* * * * *

“You have been hiding from me,” he hissed, his voice displeased.
“No, Master,” she whispered and gasped when his firm hand slapped her hip.
“I have explained to you before. You do not get to call me Master … yet.”
Yet. The very word thrilled her. There was still the possibility to be his and his alone. The desire to be at his feet forever burned within her, lit on fire as his fingers trailed down her bare arms. Where had her coat gone?
“Sorry, Sir,” she whimpered. A low, soundless chuckle reverberated through his chest making her shiver.
“Sure you are. If you were truly sorry, you would not make the same mistake over and over again. My bad little Penny,” he sighed. “You need to be punished. You know this.”
Unable to stop her shudder, she nodded. He stepped backward and the absence of his body caused her to feel cold and not just from the fog that caressed her bare skin. “Stand facing the wall and keep your eyes shut.” His commanding voice had her moving before she even registered what he actually said. The brick was rough against her palms, but she welcomed it. The abrasions would remind her of tonight.
“Twenty swats for your blatant disobedience and then, if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you please me.”
Her heart sped up again and she found herself panting. She wanted to respond, to tell him how much she wanted to please him, but knew that would just get her into even more trouble. And while sometimes that was fun, she did not want him to be angry with her. Somehow she knew that would be bad … really, really bad.
The first swat came so fast she wasn’t expecting it and as the edges of the whip he used sliced through her naked ass, it was all she could do not to scream. She bit the inside of her mouth and pushed her hands against the bricks, anything to divert her attention from the exquisite pain slicing through her rear end. With each successive swing, fire spread across each cheek and blood dribbled down her legs.

* * * * *


Length: short story
Genre: paranormal bdsm erotica
Series: None

At night he found her in her dreams. He was strong, unshakable, and always disciplined her beyond her wildest dreams. She dreamed of calling him Master, but each time was denied.

Until the day she saw him when she was awake.

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     Barnes and Noble

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