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O is for Orgasm today for the Spanking From A to Z challenge.

What better celebration of O than an O, don’t you think? But certain things should not be Forgotten. In this case, Laney’s entire house is filled with Os and memories of Os. With her parents over for a visit, she searched and hid all the sex toys. But how do you hide the furniture?

* * * * *

Her dad had taken a seat in her armchair, but her mother had sat down on her Tantra sex chair. She wanted to slap her forehead. How had she forgotten to remove the sex furniture? Well, her sex chair was such a fixture in the room she didn’t ever look at it. Hell, she was usually laying on it with someone’s dick her in her mouth and another’s cock in her pussy. When she was really lucky, those would be combined with a huge shaft in her ass.
“This is a unique chair,” her mother said, fidgeting and trying to get comfortable on it. Laney could tell her that wouldn’t work. The chair was not meant to be sat on; it was meant to be sexed on.
“It’s more of a piece of…art. Why don’t you sit on the couch, Mom? I’ll sit there.” To her relief her mother didn’t complain, but just moved, settling happily onto the sofa where she now had a back to lean against. Gingerly, Laney sat on the Tantra Sex Chair. 
“Did we tell you that Conner just lost a tooth?” The question was rhetorical and as Laney turned her head, her mother set off on all the things that made her one grandchild the apple of her and Laney’s father’s eyes. 
As she did so, Laney could not help but notice a soft dark spot to her left, right on the top tip of the chair. Knowing where it had come from, she immediately thought of that evening, just two nights previous. Carl and his boyfriend Sorren had come over for dinner and as things were always want to do, it led to sex. Everything led to sex in her house.

* * * * *

Erotic Shorts Volume V

Length: Short Stories
Genre: Sex Toy Erotica
Series: Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts

Short erotic stories that will get your motor going. Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume V all involve sex toys. Uh-huh. These characters use some known and some less-known toys. So, what are a few of your favorites?

Stories included:

Squeak Toy: Working at a pet store paid the bills but was not fun at all. Until Cassie found a new use for a squeak toy.

Attic Of Pleasure: Kasha explores the house she inherited from her grandparents, not expecting to find an array of huge sex toys in the attic.

Forgotten: When the parents come to visit, don’t forget to hide the sex toys. All of them.

Never Forget The Knife: Proof that for the naughtiest among us, there are always every day items that will do.

Bounce, Baby, Bounce: Until her boyfriend David gave it to her, she never would have expected a sex toy like this. Now that she had ridden it, she might never use anything else.

Fun With Finials: When your husband comes in 2.4 minutes, a girl has to find something to scratch that itch. Bedposts will do.

Edible: Denati needed something to tempt Lord Kor to notice her. Chocolate turned out to do more than she ever hoped.

Stallion Supplies: Cleaning out the stables, Derrick came across a strange device he had no name for. Finding out its use opened his eyes to all sorts of possibilities. 

The FierySex 5000: Tired of men who had no stamina, she bought the ultimate sex machine. After one ride, she may be in love.

I’ve Got Vincent: Excerpt from Twice As Nice: Anya’s Tale – Tired of waiting for her boyfriend, Anya takes matters into her own hands with Vincent, her frozen toy.

Available from:

Barnes and Noble

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