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For my Backlist post this week (and for the next few weeks), I’m giving you a look into my Erotic Shorts series. I start simply with Volune I. This little tease is from The Auction.

* * * * *

“Line up,” snapped Lady Devia, walking beside them. Her crop snapped at any leg that stuck out further than it should. Justine jumped when it snapped her thigh, but the domme walked on by as if she hadn’t seen. “For those of you who have never been in the auction before, you will be taken up on stage in sets of three. The master of ceremonies will read off your lists, play with you, show your future owner your submissiveness and hopefully your responsiveness to both pain and pleasure.” She grunted. “I hate it when they only show pleasure.” Without another word, she and another Dom pushed curtained screens between two sets of chairs and the subs walked between them.
“Good evening, Lords and Ladies,” said a loud voice she and every other sub knew well. A couple of them groaned in quiet protest. Dennis, a sadistic switch, was the master of ceremonies? Pain was definitely a part of tonight’s show. “We have for your pleasure, fifteen naughty subs to bid on. As you have been waiting so long, I will start right off with Charity, her son Cor, and Jade!” As he walked further onto the platform, waving the three forward, she caught sight of him and had to stifle a giggle. Short and rather rotund with spiky white hair and a goatee, he looked like a new-fangled Santa Claus; albeit, a sadomasochistic one. It was said that he got the most out of pain, whether it was giving or receiving it.
As the first three trotted onto the stage, Justine watched. So, Cor was Charity’s son. That had to be different. She wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to tell her family about her desires. They would be sure she was going to hell. 

* * * * *

Short erotic stories that will get your motor going. Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume I includes stories that all surround BDSM. Enjoy your erotica with a little kink? Gotcha covered.

Stories included:

Zanzabar: Dayla goes to the hottest kink club in town as her friend’s wingman. Getting a spanking never entered her mind and yet…

Crack: For Sharala, sex had become boring. Until she ran afoul of a Roland male who sees to it that she receives exactly what she paid for.

The Auction: Every year the single subs of Club Erotique go up for private auction. This is Justine’s first year. She hopes to be bought by Lord Dane, but that was before she saw what she would need to do.

Words That Are Never Spoken: Teirsa has kept something from him, something she wants to reveal and yet cannot. All she needs is to have that veneer torn off. Something he is all too willing to do.

Ritual: For Deidre, the ritual had always been a fantasy, but going through it was something completely different. Especially when tied spread-eagle to a bed.

Crave: She desired the ecstasy that came with pain and just may have found a Top who can give her so much more.

Somewhere: For a sub, sometimes it is the knowing her Dom is there where she cannot see him that makes it more exciting and intense as she waits for the lash.

There Is Still Life In The Old Boy Yet: Grady gave up on sex after his wife died; hasn’t even had an erection in years. Until his new neighbor moves in and after observing a couple BDSM scenes through the window, he just might be cured.

Loved: Loving Discipline told through prose.

Trot: He hates disappointing his mistress, but tonight she just might make his punishment fun.

Well Done: A job interview shouldn’t turn you on, except maybe when you have to watch a spanking as a test.

To And Fro: An excerpt from Bane of My Existence where Antonia gets her first real taste of watching a scene while her Master makes sure she enjoys it.

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