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L is for Leading The Way, a new Corbin’s Bend novella by +Constance Masters for today’s Spanking From A to Z Challenge

Originally it was going to be Limoncello,  but Leading The Way just came out! YAY! So Limoncello will have to wait. Oh, and by the way, my current batch is 2/3 of the way to being drinkable. Who wants a get-together?

This book is a whole lotta fun, but this snippet is one of my favs…and there are so many. I originally wanted to give you a snippet about the ‘weed hunt’ but it was just too long. So, I’m giving you a little snippet from the dinner party. Erin’s been worried about this as she isn’t good around people she doesn’t know. But Zach insisted and she comes to find out that being around other people who are into discipline is a lot easier than she thought. In this scene, she has just come into the living room after putting her two girls to bed to find out that conversation at a party in Corbin’s Bend is a little different.

* * * * *

“We’re just talking about what we got spanked for last and why,” Jen said. “Jonathon said his was four months ago, because he picked Ben up from the airport in an unregistered car.”

“Uh-oh,” Erin said. “How’d he find out?”

“He was putting his bag in the trunk. The tag that was up a month ago was a hint.”

“How did you miss it?”

Jonathon shrugged and sighed. “I don’t use the trunk.”

“I’m really surprised,” Rick said, shaking his head. “You are so on top of everything for Brent.”

“I know, I know. I guess it’s one of those things. Plumbers have dripping taps, electricians have light bulbs that are out and organized assistants sometimes lack organization.”

“What did he say?” Carol asked wide-eyed.

“A lot as it happens, with his hand and his belt. Mostly about him reminding me it was due before he left, and me telling him to give me some credit.”

“Oh no,” Brittany said. “That conversation is never going to end well.”

“It didn’t. What about you, Miss Carol?” Jonathon had the choice to pick as he was the first to answer.

Erin blinked. They were all having a turn? Her included?

“That’s easy to remember. That would be this afternoon, for once again neglecting the housework as previously discussed.”

“And not cooking the dessert she was supposed to, and for goofing off with Jen when she had more important things to attend to,” Carol said.

“Hey I wasn’t goofing.” Jen turned to Brock. “Seriously I wasn’t.” 

* * * * *

Leading the Way
Author: Constance Masters
Available from: Amazon | Blushing Books | Barnes and Noble

Zachary Cunningham moved his family to Corbin’s Bend when everything in their life seemed out of control. In a DD relationship with his wife Erin, he thought things had leveled out now that they lived in a community where everyone watched out for one another and discipline was the norm. Surely his family life could be more settled now.

Erin had never made friends easily and in Corbin’s Bend she found it doubly as hard. A little too hard on herself, she ignored her mentor and any friendliness from neighbors; so afraid of making a mistake that she didn’t try. Until her husband insisted. Having convinced herself she was doing what he wanted, she made friends with a few ladies who liked to push the envelope a little. From bowling to a strip club to smoking a little weed, her life was definitely a lot more fun, even if she was hiding her activities from Zach.

When her husband and the board of Corbin’s Bend discovered their indiscretions, Erin and her friends found out what public discipline really meant. When the discipline led to a larger sense of security and more friendships than she could have imagined, Erin began to understand that following Zachary’s lead truly was the way.

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