Knight In Shining Cowboy Boots #gay #mm #romance #series

I am very excited to announce a story I wrote for Love’s Landscapes, an annual writing prompt challenge from the GoodReads M/M Romance group. This is how Love’s Landscape worked. The moderators asked for members of the group to submit writing prompts of a certain length, giving hints for what they might be looking for from a longer story. Then the hints were offered and authors could ‘claim’ those hints – first come, first serve.

I didn’t find out about it until toward the end, but I still found an amazing prompt from Ava. The image she posted and her hints of what she saw set off a storyline in my head. I was thrilled I won the prompt and instantly started writing. I had set it in my head around 10k. But the story had wings and it became 20k…then 50k…then 100k…and it’s still growing as I write this.

Obviously I knew that A: I wouldn’t have the story done by the deadline of May 1. and B: I needed to figure something out. In the longer story, it is in two POVs, using alternating chapters. I realized I could take the scene that the prompt inspired and write it from the other hero’s POV. So that’s just what I did.

And that brought us my short story Knight In Shining Cowboy Boots. It’s free to read! Currently it’s just available on GoodReads, but in a few days it will also be available on an external website. I’ll update links when that occurs.

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