I is for Itch #spankA2Z #erotica #masturbation

I is most definitely for itch. Most of us who are into spanking get that ‘itch’ to have our hide tanned. Or to tan one if you’re on the flipside. On the bottom side of the equation we may brat a bit to get our desires met. Or sometimes we might just be bold enough to to ask for it.

The heroine in today’s story has a major itch…for self-love. Her itch is so loud…she gets carried away.

* * * * *

After getting out of her wet clothes, she looked at herself in the mirror, making mental notes of every reason someone like Mr. Clayton would not be interested in her. Her extra forty pounds was the largest problem. Her acquaintances told her she was lucky and that she wore her weight well. All she saw was her double D boobs and her stomach that pooched out, her beginnings of a double chin and her thick thighs. Sighing, she washed off her make-up and took a hot shower to wash off the stress of the day. Once she was clean, she took the showerhead off the wall, turned it on pulse and pointed it at her clit. In less than a minute, she screamed as her pussy clenched and she rocked into a long-awaited orgasm.
She was so horny, one only barely scratched her itch. Quickly turning the water pressure up, she pulled the showerhead within three inches of her sensitive little nub. The pounding water hurt so good and as she sunk to the floor on legs that could not hold her up, she pictured Mr. Clayton standing over her unzipping his pants and pulling out his long, hard cock.
Another scream left her as her body exploded again and she dropped the showerhead and laid her head on the floor, gasping and shuddering through the remainder of her orgasm.

* * * * *

Lights! Camera! Ecstasy!

Length: Short Story
Genre: Erotica
Series: None

And what could be better for it to be released on this loving of all days?

When her boss caught her masturbating at work, she was embarrassed. That it was to his picture made it even worse. Until he made her an offer she could not refuse.

A gift for those of us who do not have anyone special… except our own hand.

And who can love you better than yourself?

A celebratory short erotic story of self-loving.

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