A is for ABC-DEF-GHI… #SpankA2Z #BigBird

*clears throat* I grew up on Sesame Street. I know what Big Bird’s supposed to look and sound like. I understand that the person being Big Bird’s voice is gonna change, but the bird himself? *sigh* His head looks weird. Or is that just me?

Okay, so this post is A for our Spank A to Z and originally I was going to make it sensual as the rest of the blog is, but…for some reason Big Bird’s Alphabet song was in my head and I looked it up on YouTube, only to find out they have a ‘new version’. Well, I guess it will have to do. This is one of my favorites.
After all, if we’re A2Z’ing it this month, might as well start off with the full thing.
(Starts off at about 0.54)

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