Thank you, Santa! #SantaLetter

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Santa! 
Oops. Sorry. Didn’t mean to steal your breath there, St. Nick. I just wanted to thank you so much for bringing my gift to me. So much more amazing than I ever could have imagined. And even if my gift was a few months late, still worth it!
Thank you!
Yes, I am thrilled. No, I cannot stand still. Well, no. You wouldn’t either if someone took a paddle to your backside. What? I was acting out a little bit. No, okay…so here’s the story. I got a new lexan paddle in the mail and tried it out on myself.


Well, don’t say that! You don’t know how it feel-
Oooh, you do. Wow. You don’t say? I mean, I always thought Mrs. C had a bit of a domme in her but…really? She actually used a…? WHOA! How long did it take before you could sit down?
I bet.
Wait. What do you mean you will put me on the naughty list? Just because I won’t…?
Oh, because of that. Well, yeah, you see Santa, I could not resist. I mean it was RIGHT THERE! and he was RIGHT THERE! How can someone resist that?
Well, yes, I understand it was in a public place… Yeah, I know, but…But, Santa!
Yeah, yeah, okay. I promise to be good…or as good as possible. Someone seems to enjoy paddling my ass a bright red , though, so maybe not all the time…
WHAT?!!! What do you mean NASA contacted you? HA HA HA, they thought it was you sunbathing again instead of my fire-engine red behind? Ha Ha HA! That’s funny… Yes, it is… It is, too!
All right. Well, I can hear your ole ball and chain screaming your name and I know you need to get ready to drive those elves into churning out toys, so I just wanted to give you my sincerest thanks and to let you know…The reindeer medicine is in the mail. *wink*.
*sigh* You’ve forgotten already? I’ll send the Limoncello marked as…Yeah, that’s right. I just made a new batch and it should be ready to go soon.
You’re welcome, Santa! Now go have some fun! You truly deserve it after bringing me this gift!
What? What do you mean it was hard work? *glares*
MRS. C! Santa’s being a brat!
*ducks and hopes Santa forgets that soon as I really need to start sucking up for my next present*

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