And now time for a little Eclipse of Her Heart #romance #erotica #paranormal #backlist

The second in my Markham Library series, Eclipse of Her Heart is my backlist focus for today. When I finished the book I realized it could be considered either romance or erotic romance. There is erotica in here, but it has no BDSM or spanking elements.

Thrilled to be spending her summer interning at the world’s largest erotic library, Serendipity Jones feels it cannot get any better than sun, sand, and the beautiful castle the library is housed in. Within days of her arrival, strange things begin to occur that only she knows of. Erotic sounds come from within the library when nobody else is around, the books won’t open, and a strange man seems to be plaguing her steps.

At first annoyed by the imposing taciturn man, she finds herself attracted and quickly falls in love with Joshuan even though he is meant for another. On a quest to find the woman foretold in a prophecy from his world, he is at first annoyed at Seri who keeps getting in his way before coming to enjoy her company and falling in love with her. But their short love affair must come to an end. For the woman foretold will be found as the sun goes silent and the solar eclipse comes quickly.

The Markham Library series is about a private library belonging to the Markham family. Within this library the heroine or hero of each novella/novel finds her or himself thrust into the storyline of one of the novels it contains.


“King Ro, our last king. He stayed too long in this world and lost the desire to return to the one he came from. By the time he died, my world was already run by corruption.”
“That’s sad. Why did he stay here?”
“He found a woman he loved,” he said simply. “A woman who was so important to him that he stayed with her. He chose her over us.”
She didn’t know how to respond. Wasn’t that what she hoped he would do? Choose her, insignificant Serendipity Jones, over his whole world?
“Shall we sit?” he offered, pointing toward one of the benches. 
They spent the afternoon talking, passing the time. She could not bring up all the things she wanted to know. Was he ready to marry this woman? What was she like? Would he forget Serendipity when he crossed back over?
When his lips touched her jaw softly, she smiled. “You look lost in thought, dearest,” he murmured. 
“I guess I am,” she admitted, leaning into his embrace. “We do not have a lot of time left.”
“No, we don’t,” he admitted. “The eclipse will be here in days.”
“And you will leave with her,” she murmured.
Sighing, he pulled her onto his lap. “We cannot change what must be, little Serendipity. Let us enjoy the time we have.”

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