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I really do like Mondays for my Backlist tastes because almost every Wednesday from now through the summer will be taken up with Corbin’s Bend releases.

Romance, magic and spanking… what could be better?

“Deep within the library there are secrets untold, hidden within the pages of the books it protects. Some say it is old magic, some say it is a curse, but they all say that once a generation, the door will open and the one who enters will live out the story in one of its novels.”

18 yr old Landria expects to spend a dull summer at her aunt and uncle’s house. That is until she stumbles upon a dusty, unused library and finds her way into the pages of an erotic novel. Attacked within moments of entering the story, she is rescued by the hero, Lord Nicholas Waring, who intrigues her more than she wishes. Once she finds herself back home she cannot forget him. When he follows her into her world and they fall in love, will they be forced apart by the words already written or can they rewrite their story?

Through the Library Door is the fourth Library Tale, but it is also the first in The Markham Library series.

The Markham Library series is about a private library belonging to the Markham family. Within this library the heroine or hero of each novella/novel finds her or himself thrust into the storyline of one of the novels it contains.


“What erotic novel is your favorite?” Something about her easy-going aunt reading dirty books amused her.
Grinning, Jennifer looked over her shoulder and around to make sure nobody could be listening. “Well, it is a story I found in that very library. It is the story of an Earl who is subjected to the whims of society. He must live by those rules as he was brought up to do. But he has a cousin, an illegitimate cousin who is set to inherit his title when he dies if he doesn’t beget an heir. Well,” her voice dropped as she got into telling the story. “His mother is hell-bent on getting him married off at the same time his cousin is set on making sure that doesn’t happen. He leaves London the night his mother has planned to get him engaged and rushes home, crashing in on his cousin and his ruffian friends using a poor prostitute they got from a local madam. Only…” her eyes began to twinkle. “The girl was not a prostitute! She was kidnapped and forced into it! Lord Waring saves her and hides her from his cousin and the madam who wants her back. They fall in love,” she sighed wistfully “and he finds out she is the daughter of another nobleman who died a year previous. They get married and live happily ever after…” Her wistful look left and a strange grin covered her face. “Well, as happy as a couple can live where the husband likes to spank and whip his wife. Hmmm?” She laughed and sat back, her eyes glazed over as if remembering some scene.
Blinking, Landria looked at her aunt and then to the flowers she had been potting. It couldn’t be. Just because it sounded like the scene she had been in. It just couldn’t be. Things like that did not really happen. There was no way she was caught up in an erotic novel. 

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