Why Whyborne & Griffin series is a must have #SeductiveSnS

Hello Seductive Studs & Sirens, welcome to another wonderful GLBT+ romance, erotica, and erotic romance bloghop. Hope you are enjoying the wonderful teases you are getting.

I’m doing something a little different this week. Usually I give you a taste from one of my WIPs or one of my published works. This week, I’m rec’ing an entire series for you. I considered just how to do it…and decided I would paste my reviews of each book in here – I mean, i did it already, so why not!

5 stars! I’m tellin’ ya! You have to read this book. Suspense, mystery, M/M erotic romance, takes place in a creepy museum with an amazing cast of characters. A phililogist (Whyborne) who is shy and stutters and grabs your attention right off, his love interest (Griffin) who has his own sordid past and yet is a an amazing character, Christine the lone female doc who is trying to make it in a man’s world and is Whyborne’s friend, family secrets, a brotherhood cult, an evil genius brought back from the dead, and half human creatures that suck the blood out of their victims to survive.
Definitely 5 stars. Whyborne and Griffin, along with their feisty friend Christine are in for a bit of a shock when they travel to Threshold to do a little work for Whyborne’s father. Seems his mine is having ‘problems’. These problems turn out to be creatures from outer space that look like HUGE crustaceans and spend their time cutting people apart and sewing them back together in unlikely combinations. Added to their fun is an ex-lover of Griffin’s who isn’t happy with Griffin & Whyborne being together, jealousy on poor Whyborne’s part because the man’s gorgeous, flirty saloon girls who adore Whyborne, people changing personalities overnight, people disappearing and reappearing as zombie-esque creatures, Pinkertons, a mine, creepy-crawlies, the chance to travel to other galaxies in a bodyless state, and Griffin and Whyborne having to hide their relationship by sleeping in different beds? And why aren’t you reading it yet?
Whyborne & Griffin, best series I’ve read since I found Falls Chance Ranch last June…and in a completely different way. So, a HUGE 5 stars to Stormhaven, book 3. So, what happens in Stormhaven that makes it worth reading? Well, while in the other two books we had an evil sorcerer returned from the dead and curious aliens who had no respect for humanity, in this book we’ve got a lunatic asylum and a dweller in the deep (gotta love fish men). So, after a murder most foul which an associate of Whyborne’s has been accused, Griffin takes the case, only to have to step into Stormhaven Lunatic Asylum to interview the accused. Not only does the asylum bring back memories he wishes were long dead, but he runs into the man who declared him insane. It’s a race against time as Whyborne fights off dreams that are plaguing him from the dweller and Griffin tries to put on a happy, heterosexual front for his visiting family even as they work to try and prove Alan’s innocence. For once, all their work may not be enough. Great story, fantastic twist at the end, men in dressing gowns, girls who hear voices, an annoyed Christine, a decision that must be made, things that seem as they are not, lots of Griffin/Whyborne loving, and new magic spells to explore.

Read this series! It’s SO AMAZING!

Book 4 will be out on May 6th! Not soon enough for me. I want it now 😀

Available via Smashwords

Book 1: Widdershins
Book 2: Threshold
Book 3: Stormhaven
Books 1-3 (it’s like buying the first two and getting the third one for free!)

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