Let’s talk twice…Twice as Nice, that is

Hello 🙂 I got to thinking about my backlist and how I don’t give it enough attention. After all, as an author I’m very focused on what I’m writing now.
But I thought I’d start bringing up my backlist from time-to-time so if you haven’t heard of these books, they might catch your interest.
Today, I’m giving you Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale
Sex therapist Anya Travers doesn’t have many complaints about her lover. Peter is attentive and loves to bring her multiple orgasms. Unfortunately, so far, he hasn’t been willing to give her one thing. And that one thing she wants one more than anything.
Imagine her surprise when he finally reveals why and she has far more reasons to rejoice than she ever dreamed!
The one thing she had not been able to decide upon was what to wear. After trying every sexy outfit she had, she finally gave up and chose a different path. After melting a bottle of body chocolate, she painted herself in the mirror so that she now was a piece of art. “I will be his dessert,” she told herself in the mirror, a gleam lighting her eyes at the thought.
When his knock came at the door, she walked over and opened it, swinging the door wide so he could get the full image right away. His expression turned from happiness to surprise to passion in less than a minute and she was almost sure he let out a little growl. Thrilled she looked down, happy to see his pants bulging painfully. Well, if she had her way, the linen wouldn’t be holding him back for long.

Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale is a 12,000 word, pandimensional erotic novelette.

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