Happy Valentine’s Day, Lycanthropes!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lycanthropes!
Every year, your average human gets Valentine’s Day – that immortal day to celebrate love, chocolate, and roses. But one group usually gets left out. Who? The lycanthropes, that’s who!
Who are the lycanthropes? I am talking about those among us who are truly affected by the moon’s gravitational pull and every full moon are under its spell. These wonderful people must go through the same thing month after month after month, changing into a monster under the influence of that large globe in the sky. And yet, Valentine’s Day is not for them.
Except for odd occurrences like in 2014, where the full moon falls upon Valentine’s Day.
So, as the lycanthropes get pulled into this month’s full moon, take heart! You just might find your true love to bite tonight 😉 Lift up your head and howl!

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