Erotic Shorts, Volume X is now available

Yay! Volume X of my Erotic Shorts series is now available.

Currently available through:

Barnes and Noble

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Erotic Shorts Volume X

Length: Short Stories
Genre: M/M Erotica
Series: Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts

Short erotic stories that will get your motor going. Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume X brings even more M/M tales to make you drool. *And one story just for pure humor*

Stories included:

Nobody Need Ever Know, Part I: Jayden is fully in the closet. Nobody knows he is gay nor that he has a crush on the local lifeguard. When he catches Chet showering naked, it is a total wet dream come true.

Nobody Need Ever Know, Part II: For three days, Jayden has watched Chet. Today something changes and he is given the opportunity to touch his secret crush.

Nobody Need Ever Know, Part III: Embarrassed and unsure, Jayden hides away in his room, fantasizing about the man of his dreams.

Nobody Need Ever Know, Part IV: Rushing to watch Chet in the shower, Jayden is disheartened to find he isn’t there. But there’s a note and after finding out a secret about the gorgeous man, he wonders if now is the time to find out what being him means.

Nobody Need Ever Know, Part V: Will he? Or won’t he accept Chet’s invitation?

Coming In: Sent to a camp because he was gay, Corrin expected to have the gay beaten out of him. Only, this camp was not what it seemed and suddenly he had tons of reasons to rejoice.

Mr. Conneld’s Muse: For Conner, getting a job as Mr. Conneld’s muse sounded fun. He had no idea it would be incredibly pleasurable as well.

I Got Cooties: Every kid tries to stay away from cooties. But what happens when you catch them as a young man and nobody will believe you? Thankfully he has ‘that’ to help him spend the hours.

Please, Santa, I Want More: Xander is surprised to find his boss for the night is Santa. Surprised even more when Santa upends him over his lap.

Stallion Supplies: Cleaning out the stables, Derrick came across a strange device he had no name for. Finding out its use opened his eyes to all sorts of possibilities.

Marcus And The Toy Shop: Uptight conservative Marcus has to take a trip to an adult store. His run in with a twink in pink leather is just the first of his experiences.

Release: Excerpt from Bane of My Existence – Antonia observes a scene between a dominant and his two male subs.

Phone Sex: Excerpt from Took My Breath Away: Being thousands of miles away from each other, Logan and Christian give phone sex a try…to amazing results.

Currently available through:

Barnes and Noble

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