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Thank you for taking part in the inaugural Winter Spanks! Brought to you by Spanking Romance Reviews & The Saturday Spankings Blog!

It has now concluded. But you can still read all the wonderful stories!

If you have been following my blog, you have seen me teasing about Corbin’s Bend. What is it? When is it? Come on! Tell us more! Yep, I heard you. And today, you get the scoop.
Corbin’s Bend is a fictitious (though we prefer to think of it as the place we would all like to live in) housing community in Colorado where everyone is a spanko. Yep, you heard it. All adults are either spanko or spanko friendly, so no having to hide that relationship / kink anymore. Ten authors have written (or are currently writing) novellas about this amazing place. When will these wonderful spanking romances be released? May through August of this year from LazyDay Publishing
Doesn’t that list make you salivate? Want more information? The website is being built, but you can sign up to receive notifications of when the website is ready and when each of the books is released by going to Corbin’s Bend and subscribe to our email list. 
Now, for my treat. I’ve written a prequel to the series. This little vignette takes place about 9 months before the first book. Brittany told some white lies and broke a huge rule. No matter what, her guilt pervades the entire house.

UPDATED June 27, 2014:

Eau de Guilt has been removed as it is being included with one of the Corbin’s Bend books titled Where They Both Belong. It will be available soon!

What would be the perfect setting for a Winter spanking?

If you want to read the other stories, check out the links at WinterSpanks πŸ™‚

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