A foot in front of his face #SeductiveSnS

Hey, Seductive Studs & Sirens! How are you this fabulous Saturday? I’m doing wonderful! And this week I thought I would give you a snippet from a sci-fi WIP of mine. Enjoy 😉

* * * *

Stretching, a movement caught his eye and he watched as another man did the same thing: that long stretch that everyone did when they had slept in the same position for far too long. When more men seemed to be doing the same thing, a sense of unease filled his gut and one thing he had learned to trust was that telltale feeling that something was wrong. Looking up for the button that would summon the steward, he was surprised not to find one. Figuring he would have to go find him, he reached down to unbuckle his seat belt only to find himself belted in inside a full-body harness. Stunned, his fingers slipped and the glass should have gone clunking to the floor. 
Only it didn’t.
Instead, it floated exactly where his fingers had left it, a foot in front of his face.
He was in outer space. But why? 

* * * *

Now go enjoy the rest of the bloghop. I know we have quite the grouping for you!

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