One last hurrah! – The Coupons are back! The Coupons are back! For only two hours ;)

I hope you have enjoyed this day of coupons! It certainly has made my day rush by. It seems as soon as I have one done, its time for another one!

I thought I would give you one last chance at the coupons before they are gone for good.

So here they are (in all their glory) (Okay, I am so feeling drunk right now and I haven’t had anything to drink except water, orange juice, and Pepsi. Obviously that is a dangerous combination.)

The coupon codes will be good until my Winter Spanks post goes live 2 hours after this one does. Then they will be deleted.

I encourage you to come back for Eau de Guilt, a story that I wrote for the inaugural Winter Spanks. 58 authors/bloggers wrote some spanks for you. Oh, yeah and there are some FANTASTIC giveaways. 2 hours and counting…

#Eclipse of Her Heart – Coupon Code: MT45M

#Erotic Shorts, Vol 1 – Coupon Code: EE37D

#Erotic Shorts, Vol 2 – Coupon Code: RP65M

#Erotic Shorts, Vol 3 – Coupon Code: EU62U

#Erotic Shorts, Vol 4 – Coupon Code: MA32M

#Erotic Shorts, Vol 5 – Coupon Code: ZQ55B

#Erotic Shorts, Vol 6 – Coupon Code: CK84L

#Erotic Shorts, Vol 7 – Coupon Code: PH72P

#Library Tales: Take 3: Revenge is Forever – Coupon Code: FX44A

#Through the Library Door – Coupon Code: HL56P

#Twice as Nice: Anya’s Tale – Coupon Code: QW55K

Taboo Erotica by Raya Ezelle

#Forbidden – An Anthology of Taboo Erotica – Coupon Code: QZ58U

#Bred By The Core – Coupon Code: BA38X

#Mated To A Dryad – Coupon Code: NX55B

#The Leonara’s Bitch – Coupon Code: UK55R

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