HAPPY NEW YEAR! And a whole lot of coupons…

Happy New Year, peeps! And a wonderful year 2014 is going to be. Are you ready for all the amazing things that are coming this year?

I am!

And to show my appreciation to all of you for the last year and a half, I’ve got something crazy going on today. I’m handing out coupons for my books…like candy 😀

Throughout the day, a new post will appear, offering a coupon on one of my or Raya Ezelle’s books on Smashwords. From the moment the post appears, you will have about an hour to use the coupon before it expires. Then another coupon post will pop up.

Are you ready? This will start some time NY Day morning. So if I were you, I would check this blog often!

My books will have 50% off coupons, Raya’s will have 30% off coupons.

On your marks…get set…Go!

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