Coupons 8 & 9 – Revenge is Forever and Mated to a Dryad by Raya Ezelle

Here are two more coupons for my books at Smashwords. This coupon is good for about an hour and then it will expire, so if you want the book, don’t wait 😉

50% off Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever and 30% off Mated To A Dryad by Raya Ezelle.

Library Tales: Take 3 Revenge is Forever

Coupon available through Smashwords

Genre: Paranormal Erotica / Horror

This library tale takes place in a castle in the Scottish Highlands where Camilia finds out her guardian, the man who has been spanking her in his private library for four years for perceived transgressions, is in fact a vampire.

Join Camilia as she fights against the irresistible draw to the vampire who controls her every move. When she thinks she has won, she finds out she has lost everything. How long can revenge last when she now has to obey more than one master?

Mated to a Dryad
By Raya Ezelle

Available through Smashwords

Jaden Matthews knew just like everyone else that ‘they’ were coming. She just wasn’t sure what ‘they’ were. Until they took her and mated her to a Dryad to help rebuild their race. Now she finds herself on her mating night going through more pleasure than she ever could have imagined.

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