This post was supposed to be a rant on Banning, but…

Yep, that’s right. This post was supposed to be a rant against Banning. People ban books, images, ideas, hope, love and all manner of things just because it either goes against their moral standing and/or because they want to control those individuals.

I planned to do an entire post highlighting banned items and essentially gutting moralists who would stand on their soapbox and make decisions for everyone else.

But I find that on my present journey of love and happiness that I cannot. I just will not give that much energy to anger. ‘Twould be a stupid thing to do.

So, instead, I am dedicating this post to Love and happiness. It is December, the last 12th part of the year. 2013 is waning and it is up to each of us how this month turns out. Will it be the worst? Just blah? Or will it be the best month of your life so far?

Turn from anger and self-hatred and decide to make this the best month of your life. Take every day and make it the happiest, most fulfilling possible.

  • Want love? Give love.
  • Want happiness? Smile.
  • Want a million dollars? Enter the lottery and then give me some *grins*

Have a tremendously wonderful holiday season,
whichever holiday you celebrate.
And make this (and every) day the most amazing of your life.

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