A dome clubhouse? #CorbinsBend #TuesdayTease

The beautiful Rocky Mountains, good friends, and a spanking or two or ten. For Brent and others in the community its a dream come true – a housing cooperative for spankos.

And starting in May 2014, you can read all about it.

Coming in Early 2014, the website that will give you all the information you need on Corbin’s Bend spanking romances and the community they revolve around.

And now for another little look-see into my Corbin’s Bend novella…

This is an unedited snippet from Brent and Char’s first date where she gets a first look at the community.


“Oh, what’s that?” she asked, pointing to their largest building. Built as a dome, their clubhouse held all their town meetings, was a fun place for anyone to hang out – especially the teenagers – and was three stories tall with a basement.
“That is the Corbin’s Bend Clubhouse.”
“Wow.” As they drove by, he took a moment to look at her as she stared at it almost awed. That did not gel with what he thought he knew about her. She always came off with that big city vibe, well, except for the night he took care of her when she was hurting too much. It made him even more intrigued to get to know Ms. Charmagne Kendle.
“You cannot see it from here, but the movie theatre sits right behind it.”

Ahh, all the comforts of home: houses, restaurants, a movie theatre and a clubhouse filled with spanking accoutrement. Don’t know about you, but I would love to spend some time in the Corbin’s Bend community…and check out that clubhouse, especially the disciplinary area…for research of course. 
*giggles* Yeah, who bought that one? I’d be standing in line to try out the different implements. Which they probably frown upon. 

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