A huge thank you on this Holiday

Yes, we are right in the middle of my Took My Breath Away book blog tour, but as today is the 25th of December, I thought I would take the moment to thank people who have helped me in some way. I know I won’t get all the names of the people who have helped me on here (probably not even a small percentage), and for that, I apologize. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate everything you did. It is more that it is hard to remember everything and everyone.

But for t hose who want to get another entry in (And I don’t blame you! After all, those are some pretty fantabulous prizes!) visit one of the blog tour posts currently live -or all of them, really! Enjoy yourself 😉 And enter through there.

So, I will start my thank you with:

+Cathryn Friske : Thank you for being my friend, for going on the same wonderful upward path, for helping to nudge me up when I just want to wallow, and for making me laugh when I needed it.

+Cara Bristol : Thank you for the warmth and the welcome I felt when I first met you on Twitter 1.5 years ago and inviting me into your Spanking Fiction group on Facebook. It’s wonderful to meet fellow authors and find them encouraging and friendly.

+Anastasia Vitsky & Anna Kristell (Tried to find you on Google+ And couldn’t) for suggesting I make one last try when I was ready to give up submitting my manuscripts to publishers ever. 8 Months and 4 contracts later, what a difference! Thank you so much for your encouragement.

+Mistress Blake for your wonderful Saturday Spankings bloghop. When 6 Sunday ended many of us wondered what now…and you created a bloghop where many of us with the same kink could feel comfortable.

Emily Tilton , +Tara Finnegan , +Maren Smith , +Constance Masters , +Corinne Alexander , +Anastasia Vitsky , +Kate Richards , +Cara Bristol , and +Kathryn Blake for joining me in Corbin’s Bend.

+Ciaran Dwynvil for being my friend and for welcoming me into Saturday Seductive Studs just about a year ago. And for introducing me to your amazing men 🙂

+Shoshanna Evers Thank you for your advice and friendship:)

+M.L. Ryan Thanks for your humor, friendship and especially for your books! Love Coursodon. When you can figure out how to actually get there? Let me know 😉

Jade Crystal : for making me laugh!

Mark : I miss you, my friend and sadistic personal trainer. Wherever you are, I hope you and your hubby are healthy & happy!

Stephen King & R.L. Stine – you don’t know who I am, but I love the stuff you have both said on writing and I consider you my mentors…in absentee. 😀

My editors! Thank you for your help and in making me grind my teeth. I’m sure the latter has somehow made me a better author. 😉

+Minnie Balaguer For your wonderful sense of humor! I adore you!

+Penelope Jones Life got busy the latter part of this year and I haven’t ‘talked’ to you much. Hope things are going swimmingly for you!

To all those I haven’t mentioned, thank you so much for our interaction and for letting me get to know you, even if it was for only a moment.

May 2014 be our best year yet!

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