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Hello, Seductive Studs & Sirens bloghoppers! Don’t worry, there will be more Logan & Christian in the weeks to come, but this week, I am giving you a snippet from Volume IV of my Erotic Shorts series.

Nathan has gone to his favorite bookstore, only to find he doesn’t have enough money to buy one of the new m/m novels he finds. The owner of the bookstore has another idea.

* * * * 

Frowning, Argo held up a finger, walking into his backroom. When he came out, he held a large book with a plain gray cover. “They send me advance reading copies,” he grunted. “This one isn’t due out for two months. Take it if you want. Not my genre.” He plunked the book down on the counter and Nathan picked it up. 
Argo grunted again, his version of ‘you’re welcome’, and Nathan left, the book clutched in his elbow.
The walk back to his apartment went quickly and after grabbing a bottle of water, he sat on his bed—the only furniture he had to sit on—and leaned against the wall. Once again he looked at the cover. 
Advanced Reading Copy
Nathaniel’s Journey
Confused, Nathan stared at the cover. Interesting; the name was similar to his own. Opening it up and quickly skimming to the first chapter he was even more surprised at the chapter title. Trey’s Request. His heart sped up as he had always loved the name Trey. Shimmying against the pillow until he was in a comfortable position, he flipped through to the first page and began to read.
A loud knock came at the door…
Before he could read, a furious knock came at his door. 

* * * *

Book Description:

Erotic Shorts Volume IV

Length: Short Stories
Genre: M/M Erotica
Series: Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts

Short erotic stories that will get your motor going. Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume IV are all erotic M/M stories. Enjoy gay erotica? This is right up your alley.

Stories included:

How Had Karen Known?: Riley knew he wasn’t attracted to his girlfriend but he refused to acknowledge why. Until she set him up with Jason.

Nathaniel’s Journey Chapter One: Nathan was excited to read his new M/M book, but when reality pre-plays out each chapter, he finds pleasure he had never experienced before.

Day Dreams: Derrian is out, but shy, and tends to lose himself in his day dreams. When the subject of one of his most lurid dreams asks him for sex, what else can he do?

Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?: Covlin was not supposed to be next in line for the throne; now, instead of enjoying himself with his lover Kalen, he must prepare himself to marry a chosen female. In fairy tales, things must go wrong to go right.

Make Me Yours: Cairn and Destri have had a rough road but finally, they are married. And tonight, Destri asks something new of Cairn.

Thank you, Mr. Branthon: Jonar was there for a quick fuck. But the untouchable Connor Branthon just added a whole new level of hot.

Dream Fodder, Mr. Branthon: No matter what, Jonar cannot get Mr. Branthon off his mind. He even invades his shower time.

I Would Give Anything, Mr. Branthon: He planned to stay strong, but watching Mr. Branthon flog another man was Jonar’s undoing.

Just For Tonight, Mr. Branthon: It might be the only time but just for tonight, Jonar would enjoy being Mr. Branthon’s boy.

Get On With It, Old Man!: Excerpt from The Hand of God from Forbidden by Raya Ezelle – Jeremy has a lot of deep anger toward his old religious leader only to find he needs him now.

Available from:

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