I need my assistant wet #SatSpanks

Happy Spanks! Yeah, you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

Today, for Saturday Spankings, I am giving you a vignette from Erotic Shorts, Volume VI which just came out on Thursday. All of these stories are work-related. You know, because work is no fun until you add a little spice.

Julie worked in the secretarial pool and was quite good at staying under the radar. Until she got called up to be Mr. Brayton’s personal assistant. Suddenly her job took on a whole new look. It definitely was not boring anymore.

* * * * * *

He walked over and with two snips, her panties were useless and he whipped them off her body. The sound of a condom wrapper made her jolt. When his fingers swept over her cunt, she gasped.
β€œA little wet, but not wet enough. I need my assistant wet, Ms. Brekerton.” Before she could respond, he walked over to a closet, opened it up and pulled out a leather belt. β€œThis should do it.”
β€œShould do what?” she asked before he walked up to her side. 
A strangled cry left her lips as the leather made contact with her ass. 
* * * * * *

Book Description:

Erotic Shorts Volume VI

Length: Short Stories
Genre: Workplace Erotica
Series: Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts

Short erotic stories that will get your motor going. Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume VI puts work right where it belongs – smack dab in the middle of sex.

Stories included:

Just a Little Typo: She wanted his attention and what better way to annoy the boss than to put a rather obvious typo into his memo.

Three Per Day: The secretarial pool knew – three of them would be chosen per day to fulfill Jeremy Stadler’s lust. The question was, which way would he do it this time?

Sensual University: At this school, pleasing the teacher is considered extra-credit.

The Right Touch, Part I: Georgie needed sex but if she couldn’t have that, she would at least settle for the sensual men of The Right Touch. It may be more stimulating than she expected.

The Right Touch, Part II: As the men of The Right Touch continue to surprise her, Georgie finds out she has even more erogenous zones than she knew of.

The Right Touch, Part III: Georgie kept reminding herself that she was there for a haircut, but it was hard to concentrate on with screams of pleasure erupting all around her.

The Right Touch, Part IV: The Right Touch Titty treatment sounded great – With Lor at the healm, Georgie is launched into pleasure she had previously only dreamed of.

Wax Job: Working at a car wash might sound boring, but Niria treats each car as if it was the only one.

The Full Physical: After this physical, you may never go back to your doctor again. If only every MD was like Dr. Carrington.

Fuck This Slut: Julie is surprised to become Andrew Brayton’s personal assistant, especially considering she is not very good at her job. Until she finds out exactly what being his PA actually entails. She might be perfect for it after all.

Aural Erotica: Excerpt from Eclipse of Her Heart – Working in a magic library has its perks, especially when it is an erotic library where the books sometimes read themselves outloud.

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet! Now leave me a comment (that’s me begging, PLEASE~!) and then go get spanked by the other’s in this wonderful blog hop.

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