Spank That Turkey! #CorbinsBend #TuesdayTease #Thanksgiving
Spank that Turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving, two days early! Well, yes, there will be a Turkey day post, but as it is Teasing Tuesday to make you once again go “What’s Corbin’s Bend?” I thought I would let you in on Thanksgiving in the Corbin’s Bend housing division.
(For those not ‘in the know’ – don’t you love following my teases to get in ‘the know’?) Corbin’s Bend is a wonderful spanking community. Oh, right, and a series of novellas coming out next Spring & Summer along with nine other wonderful Spanking authors. 
See, some families leave to spend the holiday with their friends and family, others stay there in Corbin’s Bend. As a community, there is also a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who stays. Which is a good thing. Unless you are one of three women who arrived in the exact same dress and proceeded to have a cat fight right in the middle of the turkey and mashed potatoes.
Well, that’s just rude to everyone trying to gobble down their Thanksgiving dinner. So, the next day… Well, here is an unedited look into Finding Their Bliss, my novella set within the Corbin’s Bend community. 
Char is remembering this last Turkey day while she has a talk with Jonathon, the Housing Board Secretary. 
And at the public disciplinary action the day after Thanksgiving, she saw all three of those women who had picked a fight with each other soundly spanked by their husbands for their actions the day before.
Deciding that Jonathon would be a good one to ask, she followed him into his office. “Does that public discipline thing happen often?” she asked in a whisper, not wanting anyone else to hear if they were in the vicinity.
“No. Ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent of all discipline is done in the home. But when someone affects the community as a whole, they are disciplined in front of it.”
She grimaced. “That’s kind of embarrassing.”
He flashed a grin at her. “Yeah, but it makes you not want to do anything that would cause it to happen to you, doesn’t it?”
Happy Spanking Turkey Day!~ May you all get something spanktacular to be thankful for 😀
What? I can make up the word spanktacular if I want to. Yes, I can! *pout*

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