Yes, I’m considering dropping Amazon

Arguably, Amazon is the largest seller of ebooks. And yet…when they make it impossible for people to find your books without knowing the exact URL, they become superfluous. Why am I saying this? My latest release “Erotic Shorts, Volume III” has been classified in such a way that it will NOT show up in search results – it won’t even show up on my author list, even though I tagged it and it shows on the author side that it is ‘my’ book. 
Obviously they do not want to sell it. That’s okay. I also distribute through Smashwords, which gives me a much larger ability to get my books out to fans. My books are at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and some of them are at iTunes. Not to mention all the other websites that Smashwords distributes through. 

Those books that go through publishers will end up on Amazon, but I am seriously considering not listing through them anymore. So, considering that you can buy mobi files which work on Kindle from Smashwords, would you stop buying my ebooks if I did not make them available from Amazon?

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