3 days till Eclipse of Her Heart

I am very excited to have the 2nd Markham Library novella, Eclipse of Her Heart coming out this week which is now available (10/10). The concept of this series truly resonates with me. I love the idea of different dimensions, magic, and of course I have a passion for libraries. When the three are combined? YIPPEE!

To get you ready for release on Thursday, I am giving you some more from the first chapter. You can see the first installment here.


Opening up her notebook, she once again familiarized herself with the little information she had gleaned about Castle Maxim and her benefactress and boss Jennifer Markham from the internet. The island had been its own monarchy for centuries until the last king died without an heir in the early 1900s. The Markham family had purchased the castle and used it as a vacation home until 1999 when Peter and Jennifer Markham took up permanent residence with their son Geoffrey. Since then, most of the previous tenants of the island had been bought out and removed, leaving only the Markhams and a few servants. 
Seri’s mother had been against the whole experience, said it looked too fishy. Of course, Constance Jones thought anything outside of the state of Idaho appeared suspicious. When Boise State sent a letter congratulating her on winning such a prestigious opportunity and letting her know she would receive fifteen credits toward her degree, her mother ran out of excuses; not that she did not try to convince her daughter to stay home. For the last two weeks of high school, not a day went by where she did not use guilt to try and get her daughter to not leave. Serendipity might have caved if it were not for her father. The night of her graduation, as her mother once again told her how lonely she would be without her daughter and how horrid it was for her to leave her poor mother, her dad grunted, turning momentarily from the television. “Let the girl have her trip, Connie. She deserves to spread her wings.” He then winked at his only daughter and turned back to the television.
As the plane angled slightly in preparation for landing, Seri’s heart began to race even as her stomach lurched. Thankfully they weren’t very high so it only took a few minutes to land. In the ocean. The pilot busied himself shutting his plane down while a tall man with windswept gray hair walked toward her. He opened the door next to her and smiled. To her surprise, a British accent poured from his lips. “Miss Jones? I am Peter Markham. Jinny is thrilled you are arriving and wanted to meet you herself, but she is currently embroiled in a food argument with our cook.”  He held out his hand and after releasing her seatbelt, she took it and allowed him to pull her up out of the plane and onto a jetty.
She would have responded except her eyes took in the sight ahead of her and she was momentarily speechless.


Come back tomorrow for more from the 1st chapter of Eclipse of Her Heart, released October 10th.

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Book Description:

Eclipse of Her Heart
Release Date: Oct 10, 2013

Length: Novella
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Series: The Markham Library, Library Tales

Thrilled to be spending her summer interning at the world’s largest erotic library, Serendipity Jones feels it cannot get any better than sun, sand, and the beautiful castle the library is housed in. Within days of her arrival, strange things begin to occur that only she knows of. Erotic sounds come from within the library when nobody else is around, the books won’t open, and a strange man seems to be plaguing her steps.

At first annoyed by the imposing taciturn man, she finds herself attracted and quickly falls in love with Joshuan even though he is meant for another. On a quest to find the woman foretold in a prophecy from his world, he is at first annoyed at Seri who keeps getting in his way before coming to enjoy her company and falling in love with her. But their short love affair must come to an end. For the woman foretold will be found as the sun goes silent and the solar eclipse comes quickly.

The Markham Library series is about a private library belonging to the Markham family. Within this library the heroine or hero of each novella/novel finds her or himself thrust into the storyline of one of the novels it contains. The first book of the series, Through the Library Door is available.

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