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As she considered asking, a small break in the greenery appeared ahead. Quickening her steps, she burst out and stopped, pausing on a thin greenish pavement. In front of her was the oddest sort of lawn. If it wasn’t orange, she would have assumed it was grass; but after looking at it, she came to the conclusion that it was not. Grass wasn’t that thin or wavy. Confused, she looked up into Peter’s amused gaze. “Our son Geoffrey is a bit of a horticulturist. He has created some very interesting plant varieties here. On one of your evenings or days off, he will have to show you some of the things he has done. Remarkable.  But don’t step on this orange rush. It will not hurt you, but it isn’t as hardy as grass and one step will kill it.”

Nodding, she followed him along the pavement. It weaved in and out of the orange rush, finally taking them through tall green hedges. As soon as they stepped through, Seri’s mouth dropped open. The term castle could mean so many things but she never would have expected an actual castle in the middle of this island. And yet there it stood; four stories high, with twelve large windows running along the first three stories. On the fourth, there were no windows at all. She wondered if it was an attic, or servant’s quarters.

“Magnificent, isn’t it?” Peter mused. “The first time I saw it, I was seven years old and I think the whole summer I played pirates with my brothers and cousins until our parents were sick and tired of us.” Between them and the castle, was an expanse of green grass. “Now this we can step on,” he grinned, marching across the grass. Laughing, she followed him, gazing at the castle as she did so.

“How large is it?”

“Huge. I will let Jinny fill you in. She loves this place and can give you far more information than I.” He waved toward the windowless story. “The library is up there. Takes up the whole damned floor.”

“Peter! Serendipity! How wonderful.” The soft, joyous American voice brought Seri’s attention back to the main entrance of the house where a woman with graying brown hair stood in jeans and a button-down shirt, grinning at them. “I wasn’t sure when you would get here.” She kissed him lightly on the cheek and waved toward the castle making him laugh but he continued on inside. Once he was gone, she turned back to Seri. “Oh, I am so glad you are here. I have spent so much time collecting the library and not nearly enough time making logical sense of it. It needs your touch, my dear.”

The term my dear from anyone else would have seem condescending, but not from Jennifer Markham. She had a natural grace about her that made the term an endearment instead. Placing an arm around Seri’s shoulders, she guided her toward the entrance to the castle as she chattered along. “I am sure this is all overwhelming what with all your flights to get here. I set your room up so it is ready for you to take a nap, or at least relax. Marta will unpack for you and once you are ready, I will give you a tour of the place. Well, the inside at least. I will leave it to Geoffrey to give you a tour of the grounds. I wouldn’t know a pussywillow from a juniper tree,” she sighed.

Laughing, Seri nodded. Rarely did she feel automatically comfortable with people and yet both Peter and Jennifer were such that she already felt as though she knew them. “I am excited to be here. The island…well what I have seen of it so far is beautiful, Mrs. Markham.”

Jennifer nodded. “Oh yes. Before we got here, there weren’t nearly as many plants. It was the castle and mostly grass or farming. I prefer what Geoffery has done with the place. And please Serendipity, call me Jinny. We do not stand on ceremony here. Even if we do live in a castle.”

“And please call me Seri. It is much easier than Serendipity.”

“Oooh, and more exotic.”

As they stepped into the castle, the warmth and the light of the sun seemed to immediately disappear. As Jennifer closed the door behind them, Seri could feel cool air. It took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the low lighting of the foyer, but when they did, she was sure she had been sent back in time. It was everything she would have expected from the entrance to a castle.


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Book Description:

Eclipse of Her Heart
Release Date: Oct 10, 2013

Length: Novella
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Series: The Markham Library, Library Tales

Thrilled to be spending her summer interning at the world’s largest erotic library, Serendipity Jones feels it cannot get any better than sun, sand, and the beautiful castle the library is housed in. Within days of her arrival, strange things begin to occur that only she knows of. Erotic sounds come from within the library when nobody else is around, the books won’t open, and a strange man seems to be plaguing her steps.

At first annoyed by the imposing taciturn man, she finds herself attracted and quickly falls in love with Joshuan even though he is meant for another. On a quest to find the woman foretold in a prophecy from his world, he is at first annoyed at Seri who keeps getting in his way before coming to enjoy her company and falling in love with her. But their short love affair must come to an end. For the woman foretold will be found as the sun goes silent and the solar eclipse comes quickly.

The Markham Library series is about a private library belonging to the Markham family. Within this library the heroine or hero of each novella/novel finds her or himself thrust into the storyline of one of the novels it contains.

Ebook currently available from:

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Print available from:

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The first book of the series, Through the Library Door is also available.

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