Title Announcement for sequel to As Natural As Breathing

An exciting announcement! The sequel to As Natural As Breathing which will be released in Jan 2014 from LazyDay Publishing now has a title.

Drum Roll….

The title is: Took My Breath Away

The official blurb on it hasn’t been written yet, but here is what will be happening with our two guys:

In the summer between Logan’s junior and senior years of college, these two will find out more about each other and themselves than they imagined.

While unhappy to be missing four weeks of Christian’s company, Logan is thrilled to spend a month with his father’s relatives in New York.  A naturally gregarious individual, he is used to winning people over and getting things right. Unfortunately, the Mannettes are not what he expects and for the first time in his life, he finds himself seriously doubting who he is.

Christian has regained some of his old self-esteem and is taking on new challenges. Besides growing in the relationship he has with Logan, he takes the time his boyfriend is away to learn more about domestic discipline. He learns a little online but it is actually Gregory, Logan’s father, where he gains most of his information. Including the fact that his natural strength puts him in a leadership position he isn’t expecting.

When Logan returns to a strong and self-assured Christian, it is with complete relief. As they begin discussions of what their DD relationship would mean to the two of them, their relationship grows to even higher heights.

Sometimes taking control is what you need to do and sometimes the best thing you can do is give that control up.

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