What the hell is that? #SeductiveSnS

Hello, Seductive Studs & Sirens bloghoppers! Welcome to another week of wonderful LGBT fiction snippets from wonderful authors.

This week, I decided to give you a snippet from a WIP. Josh doesn’t know it, but his first day in Carlginton Cove has changed things dramatically. After running away from a bunch of homophobic men bent on beating him up, he finds himself feeling as though something is different. In fact, everything is different though he cannot put his finger on what the problem is. His friends and family call him by a strange rendition of his own name, his father seems to have risen from the dead, and his entire life is about to take a fantastical turn.

In this scene, he is being forced to dress for a ball, being instructed in ceremonial clothing by a man he does not know nor does he trust.


The man grabbed a pair of what looked like the kind of pants footballers wore, tight, white, and decidedly uncomfortable. “What the hell is that?”
“Master Josha,” the man said barely holding back his frustration, “please do not argue. These are your underthings. Put them on.”
Grumbling to himself, Josh pulled on the pants, irritable and whimpering as he pulled the stretchy material up his legs. “Damn things feel like pantyhose. And I’m not a girl.”
Ignoring his statement, the man in front of him continued to hand him pieces of clothing he never would have worn in his entire life. Pantaloons. Ruffled shirt. High heeled boots. As if those were not bad enough, the shirt only buttoned half the way up, leaving most of his chest visible. “What the fuck? This crazy outfit looks like something from a romance novel,” he spat, glaring at the full length mirror in front of him.


Now, go enjoy the rest of Seductive Studs & Sirens. Yes, that was an order. I’m so bossy today 😀

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