How are we going to do this? #SeductiveSnS

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I struggled with which book to give you today. I wanted to give a snippet from my just released book of short stories Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts Volume I, but it had no LGBT stories in it. Shocked? I was. So many of the series does. There are four of them that are strictly M/M. So, that left me to the books that are out. I decided to give you another snippet from Fumbling Fingers, from Forbidden, an anthology of taboo erotica. I gave you one snippet two weeks ago.


“You can have any of my sweaters,” Micah said, pulling him back down into his arms. 
“Yeah, but that one was from the first time I touched you.”
Smiling, Micah nodded. “Yeah, you sucked me like a trooper… until you fell in the lake,” he snickered. 
“Hey,” Cody laughed, slapping him on the arm. “I didn’t expect that much cum.”
“Yeah, I am the Mount Vesuvius of cocks,” Micah mused. 
“Ah, shit,” Cody groaned. “That was bad, even for you.”
“Yeah, it really was,” his uncle agreed.
“Micah? How are we going to do this? Be uncle and nephew and yet also be lovers?”
“Well, moving away from here seems the best bet. Nobody need know we are actually related. We have different last names. Maybe,” he said, his hand moving under Cody’s shirt, “You could transfer to one of the many colleges they have in Boston next year.”


Book Description:

Forbidden: An Anthology Of Taboo Erotica
Author: Raya Ezelle

Forbidden is an anthology of taboo erotica. 6 steamy stories involving incest, religion and zoophilia. If any of these taboos insult you or are illegal where you live, do not buy.

The Hand of God – Jeremy cannot forget the spanking Reverend Michaels gave him years ago and comes back to face him, not realizing his feelings for the man run deeper than he expected. He needs what only the man of the cloth can give him.

Looking in the Mirror – Dave doesn’t know what came between him and his identical twin four years previous and is almost afraid to find out. Finding out his brother is in love with him is a stimulating surprise.

Fumbling Fingers – 19-year-old Cody is in love with Micah and intends to tell him over the holiday. The only two things standing in their way? His mother banished Micah because of his homosexuality and Micah is her youngest brother, Cody’s 22-year-old uncle.

Mr. and Mrs. Darret – Love comes in all shapes and sizes as Emilie and Timothy Darret can attest. Being sister and brother does not phase them, but they know that others will not accept them… until they find a way around that.

One Beautiful Bitch – Jennifer dreamed of this her entire life and finally became complete with Dragon, her pet. Her neighbor next door wished to help her advance in her kinky relationship and she found more happiness than she ever thought possible.

My Lovely Buttercup – Leila knew love and lost it at an early age even though she didn’t know it until her uncle came back into her life. Lord David, as she calls him, is everything to her and they will not let convention and social taboos separate them this time.

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