Yes, sir, yes! #SatSpanks

Hello, fellow spankofiles:) How is your Saturday going? Gotten enough spanks yet? No? Good, cause I have a good one for ya’.

This is from my new series Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts. Volume I is filled with BDSM stories and yes, tons of spanking. This little excerpt is from There Is Still Life In The Old Boy Yet. Grady has been napping and was awakened by a scream. The sound of a slap! gets his attention, drawing him out of his lazy chair and to the window. (Davis is the Dom.)


A tall, full-bodied woman with red hair stood tall and naked with her hands restrained above her. Her back faced him and he licked his lips in enjoyment as a short, balding man walked around her, a belt in his hands. He raised it and SLAP! it landed across her backside, making her squeal and Grady moan.
“You are my little slut, aren’t you?” Davis asked.
“Yes, sir, yes!” she cried, shoving her hips back toward him. SLAP! The belt hit her again and she screamed, her body convulsing into an obvious orgasm.
Stumbling backwards, Grady fell onto his sofa, his head slamming against the back while his legs went every which way. 


Book Description:

Erotic Shorts Volume 1

Genre: BDSM Erotica
Series: Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts

Short erotic stories that will get your motor going. Thianna D’s Erotic Shorts, Volume I includes stories that all surround BDSM. Enjoy your erotica with a little kink? Gotcha covered. (For more information on the stories themselves, check out my author website.)

Currently available from:

Amazon UK

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