Dawn of a new day

Today feels like the dawn of a new day. Not only did I get my new look going for my blog but today I unpublished the individual Blake/Dusty Chronicles.
This is big for me. Blake Takes Some Heat was the first erotic story I published on Amazon in June 2012. Blake and Dusty have been wonderful friends to me as I went on to write their story.
As I got close to releasing #10 Dusty’s Promise, I knew they needed to be re-edited, re-written, and put into a single novel. It has taken me time to do so what with everything else I am doing, but I am thrilled to say that Two Sides of the Same Coin: The Blake/Dusty Chronicles in full novel form will be out November 7th. (Cover coming soon)
As such, it is time to say goodbye to each individual chronicle. 
Thanks, guys, for such a wonderful trek. And when you are ready to let us in on the next stage of your lives, let me know.

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