Wake Up to Shine: Behind the Scenes Interview w/ @CiaranDwynvil

Today I am once again pleased to hand over the reigns to +Ciaran Dwynvil to talk about the new book in his Guardian Demon series. Love his writing but also love contemporary M/M? This just might be for you. 

Wake Up to Shine: Behind the Scenes Interview with Rick and Sam

Thank you for having me as your guest, Thianna. I’m really excited to be here today to share Wake Up to Shine, a brand new gay BDSM fantasy romance, with you and your readers. But first a little bit of housekeeping: everything in this blog post is intended for adult readers only. If anybody younger than eighteen stumbled upon the article by chance – please don’t read further.

For the rest of us, let’s go ahead and see what the book is about before we peek behind the scenes.


The blurb: “Let a real life dominant pull you into an electrifying gay BDSM fantasy.

Mortal pets create only problems. But if your lover is Belial, the Prince of Trickery, the Lord of Lust and the Antilight, the chances that he will stop growing his collection of playthings are slim. Adhemar knows it, and the only way to win in this situation is to accept a bet that makes his stomach clench.

The stakes are high but so is the prize, and if he plays his cards well, he will show Belial what little allure mortals hold. Then his demon will resign his plays. Adhemar only needs to find two men with zero probability of falling in love with each other.

Charismatic, successful, and handsome music producer Sam Nuada. A bored dominant man cherishing an impossible ideal of an independent submissive. He doesn’t do contracts, safe words, and scenes. He isn’t clad in leather and despises collaring ceremonies. If he were a king, he would want his first knight. A man who would follow him willingly and at the same time would use his own wits if the situation demands it.

Plain Rick Sherlan whose only alluring trait is his voice. A submissive virgin with a strong desire to please and obey. If Sam were a king, Rick would be happy as his squire, as his servant boy. He would bend over backwards just to hear Sam’s satisfied purrs… if he weren’t plagued by an unhealthy addiction to seeking the longest, most dangerous, and least effective shortcuts to his goals. But it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t live a fantasy full of kings, knights, and pages. He lives a fairy tale… about the ugly duckling. Only in his version, the duckling never transforms into a beautiful swan.

But Love is the strangest god, and events set in motion by the bet, a quiet summer night on San Malo beach, an old song sung in a tenor of unearthly beauty, and one intense physical examination unfold in ways Adhemar would never have seen coming.

Sam takes Rick in hand quite literally, and the feedback he provides to his young charge is… rather physical in its nature. Domestic discipline rules, ideals blur, and hearts speak.

And when Adhemar’s own past and his longing for the stage kick in, when fascination with the dynamics between the two men creeps up on him, he is no longer so sure he will win the bet. Maybe, just maybe, it would be better to see Rick shine and win the Pop Star contest and Sam’s love.

Will he? And what role will Adhemar play in his fate?


Intrigued? Then you might enjoy an interview with Rick and Sam. Both have graciously agreed to squeeze it into their admittedly busy schedule, and now are lounging on the comfortable sofa in my writer’s den, waiting for me to descend in my armchair. Well, truth to be told: Sam is sprawling, relaxed and self-confident; Rick, though he had lolled around here many an hour, is far more cautious now. He just dislikes interviews, I know. But a bottle of cider standing on the coffee table, as well as the already filled glasses show Sam has taken steps to help him unwind and enjoy the moment.

“It’s just a chat,” I smile at the shy star. “And you can always resort to ‘No Comment’ if I get too nosy.”

Rick snorts with a half-repressed chuckle. “As if that ever works with you,” he complains, but the tension is already melting. His writer… that he can handle, and the press is nowhere to be seen, so he allows himself to loosen up and lean back in the sofa to seek a contact with Sam’s body.

Sam tugs him into a light cuddle, draping his arm around him loosely but protectively at the same time. And the simple gesture makes Rick beam a smile that lights his face like autumn sunshine lights the shire. He’s beautiful, and I still sometimes doubt he fully realizes it. Fixing his emerald eyes on me, he gives me a small nod to signal he’s ready to start, and I coax: “Tell the readers something about your world.”

“Hmm,” he hums, pondering what I might want to hear. “Our world is your world, really. You know London, Paris, San Malo… you’ve walked their streets,” he offers in the end, unsure what else to say.

“Yes, I have, but some of the readers haven’t,” I prompt him to elaborate a bit.

“True. Well, Sam and I spend quite a lot of time in his house in Paris whenever we can, tho we’re both from London. Paris is quite unlike other big cities. She’s got that French charm around her, and she smells wonderful and awful at the same time. Croissants, coffee, and urine… find that smell anywhere else in the early morning,” he grins. “But… my favorite place really is San Malo. That’s where I fell in love.” The confession slips off his lips and though he still looks at me, his fingers twine with Sam’s. Locked together like pieces of a puzzle they are, and the image speaks louder than words.

“We’ll grab a couple of days for ourselves there before the tourist season starts,” Sam promises quietly, interspersing his words with light nips targeting Rick’s earlobe.

Squirming, Rick fights to bottle up giggles, and for once the next question is going to save him. Though only momentarily. “Sam, what do you want the readers to know about you?”

Sam ignores me for a few seconds, happily nibbling away until he elicits the helpless snicker. Only then he lets go of Rick’s ear, and turns his attention to me. “You’ve already told them everything of importance,” his brows climb as he playfully accuses me of indiscretions.

“You know, consorting with a writer…” I let that trail off, and he chuckles. “Gets you written in a book, okay, I get it.” Shaking his head, he volunteers: “My life had been quite empty before I met Rick. So, really, everything important is in the book. That tells our story from the start.”

Rick presses closer to him man, so much in the fire of love that he could set the sofa aflame. But they have to wait a little longer for the private moments. There still are a few questions to go through, but I know I should speed up before they grow impatient. I give a nod of agreement to Sam’s answer, and shoot the next question: “What are you proud of?”

The reply comes without a second of hesitation: “Of Rick. Many think he’s a born star. And few know how hard he has worked for his success, never giving up however rough things have been on him.”

“Or how tough a manager you are, that they don’t know either,” Rick purses his lips in a feigned complaint.

“Kiddo,” Sam warns softly, but we all know it’s just a play. Rick apparently wants something from his lover, and is going to get it a little bit later.

I smirk knowingly and get almost imperceptible shrugs in response. Oh yes, we share some bedroom preferences. Which leads me to the next nosy question: “What would you never share?”

“My lover,” they answer in unison, and they mean it. However fond they are of Adhemar’s and Belial’s company these days, they aren’t going to partake in any group sex orgies. Sam’s possessiveness prevents any such intentions. And Rick is only glad. His paradise lies behind the door to his and Sam’s bedroom, and it’s a very private place for both of them. Though… they know they’re watched from time to time.

But now we’re not about to discuss instances of voyeurism. Instead I ask: “What is your most intense memory?”

Rick closes his eyes to lure the recollection closer, and Sam slowly pulls him into a tighter embrace. Neither of them speaks for long moments. Sam respecting the memory, Rick lost in the past. Only after a while Rick opens his eyes again and his irises shine like precious stones when he says: “Singing my professions of love to Sam, that I will never forget.”

“Neither will I, baby,” Sam murmurs, while his fingers get a gentle hold of Rick’s chin to turn his face to him. A second later I witness a slow and tender kiss. I doubt they even know I’m still here, so absorbed they are in claiming each other’s mouth.

Well, I can wait, and do… until they pull away from their caress. Only then I ask: “Who is the greatest love of your life?”

Their names twine in the answer, but they don’t even look at me. They just gaze into each other’s eyes and I have a precious little time to bring our chat to a finish before they start to fidget in a barely concealed need to dispatch me out of my own room, or to take the stairs to the upper story by two.

“Tell me about your best ever kiss,” I prompt, and Rick releases a wistful sigh: “The first one.” For a moment Sam glances at me, a crooked grin plastered on his mouth. “You know all the juicy details, and have our permission to share them. Now if you…”

“Excuse us, I know,” I nod, and stand up. Our today’s session is over. The answer to the last question: “Where can the readers meet you again?” is obvious. In Wake Up to Shine. As for me, I can meet them later. Here. But I’d better knock the door.

Now… the kiss Rick spoke about:


And before he knew it, he danced. Hesitantly melting into the rhythm and Sam’s touches, he let himself be led and guided. And boy, did it feel good. Sighing softly, he closed his eyes and just followed every nudge and hint given to him by Sam’s body. It was like flying through the skies, free and protected and… loved.
His breath hitched. He shouldn’t allow himself such hopeless dreams. And the hitch promptly turned into a gasp when he suddenly felt a wall behind his back and Sam’s lips on his. It was but a mere brush of soft flesh against soft flesh, but it made his knees buckle and his hands cling onto Sam tighter. He wanted this, wanted this, wanted this… and didn’t know how to let his Satan know.
“It’s alright, baby. I won’t hurt you,” caressed his pouts, and he almost gave a sob in return. He was already hurt and in pains of unrequited love. It could hardly be much worse. How could Sam ever love him? They would walk side by side and just everybody would have to shake their heads in disbelief. He was like a donkey paired with an Arabian entire. This would never, never work.
But still his lips opened ajar, inviting Sam’s tongue to fondle them. Warm, moist velvet stroked his sensitive skin again and again until he thought he would dissolve under its slow teases. He longed for more. There was something more to be had. Only he didn’t know what it was.
A frustrated keen escaped his mouth, and his Lucifer took it as an encouragement. The next second Sam’s tongue tapped on the closed gate of his teeth patiently, persuading it to open. A kiss. Rick couldn’t believe his senses. He had dreamed of this moment for so many nights. Now it was here, and he didn’t know how to react. Craving the caress and fearing it at the same time, he grit his teeth. But soon he learned that while bones were harder than flesh, the gate couldn’t resist the gentle assails of the warm ram and let it in with feverish exultation.
Sam’s presence sailed into him like a slow inebriation. Bitter sweet oranges. He was drowning in their almost narcotic flavor mixed with the heat of spotlights. His Lucifer tasted like success. Just as heady. Moaning sweetly into the caress, Rick began to suck on Sam’s tongue, led purely by his instincts, savoring the caring dominance exercised over him.
Sandalwood, green lemons, and the glamor of fame… Sam’s scent fumed up his nose and wiped off everything. The whole world but for the taste of Sam’s kiss, the feel of his touches, his sensual smell. Warmth and firmness of Sam’s body enclosed him like a prison he didn’t wish to escape. Every thrust of his tongue, his fingers tangled in his hair, his thigh wedged between his legs… Rick needed it all. So much that he was almost choking on his desire. It pulsed, it swelled, it filled his mouth, his mind, his soul. It burst in his heart and shred it to bleeding pieces. It would never be whole again. Not after this kiss.


This gay BDSM fantasy romance belongs to the Guardian Demon Series that will hold you prisoner to unforgettable stories of life, love, and lust. Set both in an intriguing fantasy world and modern France, Wake Up to Shine combines the paranormal fantasy and contemporary romance genres. If you like reading about gay men, enjoy explicit erotic scenes, and love complex characters and plots, this is a must have for you.

Own the book now and savor this romance, spiced up with the hottest gay BDSM. Kink, domestic discipline, and a tender gay love story wait for you on the pages.

Buy links:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

Erotic content: gay spanking, medical kink, enema, anal and oral sex, soap punishment, and an intense orgasm in bondage and silk. You won’t believe what can be used as the restraints until you read the story.

And if you read it, you can win another title from my backlist. What you need to do to enter the giveaway? Just answer my question: “What did Sam use as the restraints in the night of bondage and silk?” Send your answer to [email protected].com

The first and the thirtieth person who will send me a correct answer will get another title from the backlist of my Guardian Demon Series. Please include the title of your choice in your e-mail, so that I can send you your copy right away in case your entry wins. The giveaway runs until the 30th of September 2013, and I will contact the winners by e-mail.

You might be wondering if it’s needed to read the other titles in the series before opening the pages of Wake Up to Shine. No, it isn’t. It can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book, though people who are already familiar with the other titles in Guardian Demon Series will love references to its preceding volumes. In a way, Wake Up to Shine is a free sequel to In Blue Poppy Fields, and it contains also a short reference to Trails of Love I Crawl.


Thanks again for having me and my men over today. It’s been a real pleasure to visit you.


Thanks so much, +Ciaran Dwynvil for coming over and introducing some more men from your wonderful Guardian Demon series. I already adore the series but will definitely have to read this one as I also love contemporary.

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