Erotic speak like a scurvy pirate day

All right, all ye pirates

’tis International speak like a scurvy pirate day. But fer th’ kinky among us, I shout let’s dress like a slutty scurvy pirate.

Fer th’ wenches brave that be all I can take to board a scurvy pirate ship

Fer th’ wenches who want to give a go’ sneakin’ onto th’ ship (I don’t think it gunna set the sails, do ye?)

Fer th’ wenches who either have a boyfriend wit’ a scurvy pirate fetish or they have be naughty ‘n need a spankin’. I wonder how harrrd that blade can hit?

Thar be no words fer ’tis. At what point does ’tis image look a scurvy pirate?

Thar’s a wench scurvy pirate costume worth a look or a pair

I be thinkin’ that ’tis be th’ one th’ captian picked out fer his wench.

All images be courtesy ‘o xubangwen via photopin cc

Now, off wit’ ye! be off find yourself a slutty wench costume ‘n come back ‘n share wit’ th’ rest ‘o us.

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