That time of the year again…

Okay, so twice a year I do end up looking back at the previous year and see how amazingly far I’ve come. New Years and my birthday. As my birthday is coming up on Saturday. this is one of those reflective times.

For those who want to know but are afraid to ask, I will be *cough* #@$*#&^@& ahem – 33 for the nth time.

So much has happened in the last year. Since June 2012, 17 books self-pubbed, one picked up by a publisher, many more in the works. This month is dedicated to JulNoWriMo, so I am a crazy writer for the next 30 days – have to be to make 100,000+ words in this month.

My focus during the New Year is an overview of personal and career, focusing on career. My focus now is where have I improved on a more personal level. That is not so easy to quantify. Career wise I can say how many more books I have out, how much better my writing is getting, etc. Personal wise?


Am I further along? To be honest, I don’t know that I am. Which is bad. I should be further along now than I was a year ago.

I feel upbeat today, the first time in weeks really but especially over the last week this is the first time I have felt good and positive. I know most of that has to do with my toothache, the bug bite that made me look like a chipmunk and the fact I felt like crap. But still…it is always good to feel this way.

My goals are down to four. They are personal and I won’t be sharing them here. But these are goals that have been with me for years. This coming year, my personal focus will be on these specific goals. I am aware that may change the way I do just about anything, but as I note…I’m not getting any younger. At least not physically. Emotionally? That’s a whole matter entirely and where I firmly believe that you are only as old as you wish to be. Thus why the 33 for the nth time.

May the next year bring about my biggest hopes and dreams and may I see you all on the other side of the next 33 for the nth time with the biggest grin on my face 😉

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