A birthday spank for Katie & Casey from Master Bane, Pt 2

If you haven’t read Part 1, you can do so here.

And now on with our two friends’ birthday spankings…

Grimacing because she was a half hour late, Casey pulled into the parking lot of Liaisons, intrigued by the old world feel of the lanterns that dotted the landscape. The club itself, however, was not old world at all. A huge dome pulled her eye and for a couple moments she wondered if she was in the right place. Slowly she walked up to the front door, relieved to see the name Liaisons above it. Katie’s car was in the parking lot, so she assumed she was inside. Casey could not help but wonder what would happen with her being so late.
Hopefully it wouldn’t be too embarrassingly bad.
Opening the door, she found herself in a dimly lit foyer. With nobody to greet her, she walked across to a large wooden door that stood rather imposingly, glaring at her as if to say ‘I dare you to knock.’ Straightening her shoulders she knocked quickly, jumping as a little recessed window opened.
“Uh, hi? My name is Casey and-“
She stopped as the door opened and she was ushered inside by a tall man with dark hair and even darker eyes. Something about him made her heart hammer in her chest as if she had just run ten miles. “Good evening, Casey. My name is Master Bane,” he said smoothly with an accent she could not quite place. “Follow me, your birthday present is this way.”
Birthday present? Well, that was nice. Smiling, she followed him through a room that was almost pitch black except for a few tiny lanterns that lit their way. When the room lightened, she tried to look about but the outer edges were too dark to see into. There were, however, two small alcoves where there was more light. In one, there was a rather good looking man sitting on the floor holding…Katie? Was that Katie? Somewhat alarmed, Casey walked in her direction only to be stopped by Master Bane.
“Do not interrupt them,” he said in a firm voice. “Let me introduce you to the dom who will be giving you your present this evening. This is Devon, one of our dungeon monitors.” Placing a hand on her lower back, he led her to the next alcove over where an imposing figure stood. She took a look at him and then looked again. Devon was well over six foot tall with a shaved head and tattoos everywhere she looked. He looked wonderfully dangerous and she found herself licking her bottom lip without realizing it.
“Come,” Devon said in a deep voice, “Let’s get that ass burning brightly, shall we?”
What? She was somewhat startled out of her ogling as he took her arm and led her into the small alcove. There was not much in it. A small metal table stood over to the side and metal chains hung from the ceiling. “Have you ever been spanked?” he asked conversationally as he walked over to one of the walls and came back with four pieces of leather.
“A few times,” she admitted, surprised and rather turned on as he fastened the leather around each of her wrists and her ankles.
“Good.” He led her to the middle and grasped one of the chains, hooking it to her right wrist restraint. Then he grabbed another chain and hooked it to her left wrist restraint. Reaching behind him, he unhooked two carabiners from his belt loop and knelt down, pulling her right ankle out a little and to her surprise, fastening the restraint to a metal hook he pulled up from the floor. Moving gracefully to her other side, he pulled her left ankle out further, making her feel a little exposed. She had worn a mini dress and with her legs spread out this way, she was afraid of how much would show. Once that ankle was hooked, he stood up and walked behind her.
Even with her ankles pulled far apart, her arms were somewhat loose so she found herself tugging on the chains a little just for fun. Until he walked back with a remote control in his hand, grinned at her and clicked a button. The chains immediately began to pull up and before she had the chance to do anything other than think what the hell did I get myself into? her arms were stretched above her head.
“There we go,” he said, walking away again.
There we go? She looked over her shoulder to see where he had gone only to find him walking back to her with the metal table. He placed it in front of her so that her hips leaned up against it and patted her backside. “That will stop you from jerking forward too far.”
Okay, so that sounded extremely ominous. And hot. She shook her hips a little to get some of her tension out making him chuckle. “Oh, don’t worry, Casey, I’m looking.”
Wait, what? She hadn’t done that to get his attention. Had she? As she tried to figure that part out, he spoke again. “How old are you?”
For a moment, she almost told him, but then feminine pique hit her and she glared instead. “A gentleman never asks a lady her age.”
He threw his head back and roared with laughter before leaning in and whispered, “But I am not a gentleman, Miss Casey. I am a dom.” Her cheeks heated up and she was sure he could see her blush. She probably should have told him how old she was, but she wouldn’t let herself.
Let him figure it out, she thought smugly.
Her smugness died the moment his hand landed on her buttocks.
“Ouch!” she cried, surprised at how hard he hit her. “That hurt.”
There was no response, though he did seem to lighten up on his swings a little. It actually felt good. He was building up a nice heat and the combination of it plus not being able to move was very exciting. Her panties would definitely be soaked before he was done. When he stopped, she pouted. That was it? He barely spanked her thirty times. And after the first one, they were not that hard. What kind of birthday spanking was thi-
She yiped as something hard and very large hit both cheeks at the same time, sending heat and a wonderful soreness through her behind and making her stick it out to get another swat.
Her hips slammed into the table in front of her by the sheer force of whatever he hit her with and she understood why he put it there.
He started out slow. One snap, waiting a few seconds for the heat to spread out before hitting again. At first she thought he might be teasing her until she realized how much focus she paid to each fall of the implement and the delicious fire that would zing along her rear before spreading out in long tendrils across her ass. Over time, the swings came faster, building up something within her that made her pant and whimper constantly, sometimes aware of the swing, sometimes not, but always vastly aware of the sting it left behind.
Without deciding to, she stuck her rear out in preparation for each new searing fall of whatever he was holding. Time seemed to fade into the distance as the only thing that existed was her, Devon and whatever was slicing deliciously across her backside. A pressure began to build within her and she gasped and writhed with every new application of heat until she could feel liquid dripping down her thighs. More, she needed so much more. And he gave it to her, intensifying his swings even as he sped up until it all came apart in one explosion as she screamed, her body racked with spasms as she fell over the edge into the strongest orgasm she had ever had.
He continued to hit her, though with lighter touches and less frequently until she stopped twitching. Then she heard something hit the floor followed by him quickly releasing her from her ankle and then wrist restraints. There was no strength within her and she dropped and would have hit the floor if he had not picked her up. He carried her out of the alcove and sat down on a bench, curling her into his arms.
There was no struggle, no desire to sit up as she shivered slightly, trying to make sense of everything that had just happened. She knew she loved to be spanked, but this? It was so much…more.
There was no way to know how long she sat there before she finally was able to stand up. He smiled at her, his hand lightly cupping her face. “Happy birthday, Casey.”
“Thanks,” she whispered, not knowing what else to say.
A giggle from her right made her turn and she smirked at Katie who was dancing a little from foot to foot.
“Ready, ladies?” They both turned to find Master Bane waiting for them.
“Oh, yes, thank you,” Casey said, immediately blushing as she realized she had now thanked them twice for turning her posterior into a ball of fire. What was worse? She meant it. And she was going to go home and write it down so as not to forget the experience.  As she and Katie followed Master Bane to the door, Devon called out.
“Casey?” She paused and turned around, shivering at the pure strength that shown from the delicious looking man. “Come here anytime. I’m here most nights the club is open. I would love to show you what else I can do.”
Her mouth dropped open even as the man who had been holding Katie burst out laughing. “Smooth, Devon, very smooth,” he snickered as Master Bane ushered the two of them out of the room.
“Happy birthday, ladies,” he said with a smile as a pretty red head walked up to him. He looked down at her and Katie and Casey watched his eyes flash with an intensity that would have made them both run the other way. “Hello, pet,” he said, grabbing hold of her mane of hair. “Let’s go play.”
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Katie and Casey from me and all my characters! And yes, Casey, Devon seemed to like you a lot. I would watch out if I were you 😉

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