Silence can mean more than it says

Over the last two weeks, I have been amazed and rather horrified by how many of my friends online who have been hit by tragedies.

Husbands in the hospital due to stroke or an almost-fatal accident.

Children in the hospital whose chances of survival is low.

The death of their beloved friends.

It is heartbreaking and yet…I do not know how to respond. The words “I’m sorry” from someone else sound fine, but from me? They sound trite. Just what am I sorry for? That their loved one is ill? That they are suffering?

Maybe it is the fact I was born under the sign of Cancer,  but when something bad happens I pull back into my shell and wait until it is safe to come out. Being safe and quiet can help rebuild my resources quickly.

So, when someone else is hurting, I will not necessarily say something. I’m more the type that if we knew each other in person, would be going behind the scenes to get food delivered to their house or to take care of their home while they were busy at the hospital. Online, there does not seem to be much to do.

So, I do nothing. Which might sound cold to others. They might wonder why I say nothing.

My silence is not about being cold or uncaring. It is, in effect, in wanting to give that person help and having no way to do it. So, I do it in the only way I know how – by removing myself from the equation and giving them as much silence as possible.

After all, silence to me is peace.

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