A birthday spank for Katie & Casey from Master Bane, Pt 1

Katie and Casey, I asked Master Bane from Bane of My Existence if he would do the honors for your birthdays. I had a hard time finding him, but finally took a trip to his fetish club. He was sitting at the bar, talking with Devon and Bryant, two of the dungeon monitors, when I walked up and asked.

This was what happened.
Watching me with an expression that made me slightly apprehensive for my own backside, Master Bane raised an eyebrow. “As much as I appreciate your request,” he stated in his deep smooth voice, “I have a much better idea. Please ask Katie and Casey to come to Liaisons in one hour.” He glanced at the other two with a slightly amused expression. “I believe we can make their experience memorable, can we not?”
I left quickly and got into my car, sending a quick text to Katie and Casey:
Girls, be at Liaisons in an hour – It’s a birthday surprise. Really.
Katie arrived a little early, bouncing from her car in anticipation as she waited for Casey to arrive. The dome in front of her was a bit awe inspiring and she found herself walking up to it without thinking. Unfortunately her excitement overrode any natural nervousness and next thing she knew, she opened up the large wooden door and walked inside. The small foyer was dark, lit only by a tiny wall sconce, but another door stood opposite to the one she had just entered and she quickly made her way over to it. It reminded her of doors in very old movies where someone would try to get into a speak easy what with the recessed hole that was covered by another piece of wood. There was no door handle so she knocked instead.
She jumped back when the recessed part slid open. At her height it was a bit tall to see through and nobody said anything. “Um, hi, my name is Katie, I was told to come here by a friend…”
“Ahh, come in, little one.” The door opened to reveal a tall man with short dark hair and intense dark eyes. A shudder went through her as she looked at him.
“Uh, maybe I should wait for Casey,” she murmured, looking over her shoulder.
“She will be along soon,” he said soothingly, placing a hand on her lower back to guide her into the dark room. It was large, but that was about all she could see. The only lights seemed to lead straight ahead. “My name is Master Bane. Come, let me show you the surprise we have prepared for you.”
“Okay,” she squeaked allowing him to lead her forward.
He paused for a moment and turned toward her. “Okay, what?”
It took her a moment for the words to sink in and she said, “Okay, sir.”
“Good girl,” he murmured with a small smile making her smile in return.
The darkness seemed to go on forever before they reached an area lit by only slightly better lighting. From what she could tell, they had reached the main part of the dome and it was huge. But before she could look around, he guided her over to the opposite side where two men stood waiting. They were both startling mainly because of how tall and built they were. One of them had brown hair and deep laugh lines on his face, though with one look in his eyes, she found herself forgetting that as her legs shook underneath her. The other had a shaved head and was covered in tattoos. The thought what am I doing here? Briefly crossed her mind but once Master Bane began to speak again, almost every thought stopped.
“This is Bryant.” The brunette smiled and winked at her, making her feel a little more comfortable. “And this is Devon.” The man with the shaved head just stared at her and she unconsciously took a step to the side which took her closer to Bryant. Master Bane chuckled. “Well, I believe that was a clear choice. Katie, Bryant will attend to you this evening. Happy birthday.” Without another word, he turned and walked away into the darkness.
“Come,” Bryan said quietly, holding out his hand. Unable to speak, she let him take her hand and pull her into a small area that had half walls on each side though she was pretty sure that did not make it private in any way. He led her to a leather bench that actually looked comfortable. It had a wide top with four leather covered areas for her knees and elbows. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. “Go on, Katie, mount up.”
Mount up? She cast him a surprised glance and he winked at her. “How can I give you a birthday spanking properly if you aren’t in position?” he asked in an amused voice.
Oh! Excited for the prospect, she climbed up onto the bench finding it even more comfortable once she was on it than she had thought it could be. Her elbows and knees fit nicely on the lower supports and she shimmied until she got comfortable, looking forward to a light birthday spanking.
And then he fastened restraints around her arms and legs.
“Uh…” she said, butterflies exploding in her stomach. Restrained? She hadn’t quite expected that.
“Now,” he said, ignoring her inarticulate comment, “I love to celebrate birthdays, little Katie. Candles on a cake might shine, but if I do my job right, your behind will glow brighter than the noonday sun.”
Well, now didn’t that just sound ominous.
As she considered how to nicely say she had changed her mind, a light slap landed on her rump. Well, now, that wasn’t so bad. Leaning her chin on the end of the bench, she closed her eyes and relaxed as Bryant swatted her backside lightly, covering every inch. After a while, she began to frown. As nice as this was…it was not what she would have expected. It was too light, not making her squirm at all. And what was the use of a spanking if it did not make her writhe a bit? As she opened her mouth to tell him she was not impressed, he stopped and walked away for a moment.
Oh, this was so awkward. He had looked so strong, so able to give her a spanking she would think about for days, weeks, and months to come and to find out he was a dud was quite depressing. His footsteps came back and she took a deep breath to prepare to thank him and get out of there. He spoke first.
“Now that I have warmed you up, let’s see how hot I can make you.”
She squeaked as something hit her ass so hard that she jerked forward on the bench. “Ow!”
Holy crap! What was he hitting her with? A 2×4? She looked over her shoulder, surprised to see him bring down his hand again. That was his hand?
She let out another cry as another one fell and another. Each one covering more of her overheated backside. They came down so hard and fast, she only had time to yipe before the next one fell. And then one hit her sit spot and as her back arched and her mouth opened, no sound came out even as her body trembled with an emotion she could not even put a name too.
His hand continued to beat down on her now tender buttocks before moving down and up her thighs only to once again land on her sit spot. If her arms and legs had not been held down, she might have launched herself off the bench as she once again practically doubled over backwards. As she flumped back onto the bench, breathing hard and trying to see through her hair which was hanging haphazardly in her face, Bryant released the restraints and picked her up as if she weighed no more than a puppy.
He sat down on the floor and rested her on his lap, pulling her head onto his shoulder. “Shh,” he said firmly as she tried to speak, though what she would have said she had no idea. “You need to be held and I will hold you until you are ready. Happy birthday, Katie.”
Panting softly, she leaned against him trying to catch her breath and her equilibrium. As her heartbeat slowed down, her derriere made itself known. Damn that was hot…no, not hot, burning! Her hands wanted to reach behind her and rub to try and stifle the fire, but not only did he have her in such a tight hold that she could not move her arms, she also did not want to look wimpy by doing so.
Finding herself more tired than she would have expected, she closed her eyes and then heard something that made a slightly evil grin come to her face.
“Good evening, Casey. My name is Master Bane…”

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