You think I’m what?

Anyone who knows me knows I fight hard for LGBT rights. My way of thinking is – nobody should be excluded. We are all human.

I am quite vociferous in it and for over a year now my mother has ‘watched’ everything I have said.

And has now come to the conclusion that her daughter is a lesbian.

Not quite.

But there is no convincing her now. She is sending me pro-gay videos on YouTube and sending me emails that specifically say “People love who they love and there is nothing wrong with that.”

I find it interesting that no matter how many times I have told her I am into BDSM and what that means, she always looks at me confused every time I mention it – I guess she blocks it out. But because I write M/M fiction and am vocal on LGBT rights she has drawn the conclusion that has to be because I must be attracted to women.


I think she has given up on me finding a man in my life and has now decided to focus on this instead. Over the last few months she has increasingly been telling me there is this “really nice” lesbian woman she knows she would like me to meet. Uh… Now I think I know why.

No, Mom. I love men… if I loved or was attracted to women, I would be writing F/F fiction. I cannot help but find this amusing as hell.

The one hopefully good thing that will come out of this is maybe she will be be more open to the whole gay marriage thing which she has been vehemently against. That’s right, Mom, join the PFLAG and have a blast.

Below is the video she just sent me. Oh I have the feeling my email is going to be chock full of videos like this over the next week, month, year…lifetime.

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