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Hey, Seductive Studs & Sirens Blog Hoppers! How is your Saturday going? Mine is set to be super!

Today I give you a snippet from Blake Makes a Move, #9 in the Blake/Dusty Chronicles.

In this scene, Blake is struggling with the concept of moving to Austin to be near Dusty. One of his largest worries is being ‘out’ with his boyfriend in a whole new place.

At the same time, the thought of being without him worried me just as much. The fact was I had come to rely heavily on him, even before we met. And now having spent five weeks in each other’s company, I had never felt so free. In so much of my life, I had to try and figure out what a person wanted and then mold myself to their needs. New person, new need, new mold. Dusty’s rules never changed; hell, he never changed and being his boy… well, it allowed me to just be. He actually liked me. Not the false me I tried to be for others, but me – Blake Loughton, slightly broken but resilient man. 

How did that happen? And not just liked me. He loved me and I was a bit overcome at times with how intense and deep my feelings for him were in return.  

Since I opened up to him about Vivian, we talked about everything. He knew about the night I lost my virginity and I knew about why he first entered a fetish club. It felt like there were no secrets. But that was here in the safety of Seattle, Washington. What would it be like in Austin?

Book Description:
Blake Makes a Move
Part 9 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles
Length: Novelette
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles
Time with Dusty has been life-changing for Blake and he does not want it to end. Their last week together cements their relationship in more ways than he can comprehend.
Even though Dusty asks him to come visit him in Austin, something holds Blake back. When everything comes to a head, will he leap? Or stay where it is safe?
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