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This week, we have Part 8 of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles, Dusty Follows His Heart. Dusty and Blake have been through a lot in the last few weeks and in this installment of the series, they strengthen their relationship in Seattle when Dusty comes up to take care of him after his accident.

In this snippet, Blake & Dusty are discussing their relationship. Blake informed Dusty that he needed the dominant within him, but he also wanted his boyfriend too. Dusty responded that he can definitely do that and in this snippet, something slips out that changes them both.

“Just don’t be surprised if I get commanding from time to time.”

Relief covered his face then he gave me that impish smile again. “I rather like it when you do, Dusty. I need you to as well. But…”

“Don’t worry,” I said quietly, pushing him down on to his back and crawling up next to him. “You are the first guy in a long time that I have wanted to be with as more than a D/s relationship. We may hit a few snags, but as long as you remember the following, everything will be fine.”

When I didn’t continue, but instead began to trail my fingers along his abdomen, he narrowed his eyes at me. “What? What do I need to remember?”

Slowly, I let my eyes drift from his hard cock up his chest and then finally into his eyes which were glazed over in lust. It had been my original intent to make an off-hand remark about no matter what he needed to follow me, but that wasn’t what came out. “That I love you, Blake Loughton. Just remember that.”

Book description:

Dusty Follows His Heart
Part 8 of The Blake Dusty Chronicles

Length: Novelette
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Although delayed, Dusty reaches Washington in time for Blake to come home. As they settle into a temporary full-time D/s relationship, boundaries are pushed, secrets are revealed, and Dusty realizes just how much Blake means to him.

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