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Following my Blake & Dusty theme, today you get a snippet from Part 5 of the Blake/Dusty Chronicles, Blake’s Breakdown. Blake’s birth parents died on his fifteenth birthday and he has blamed himself for twenty-five years for two deaths that were not his fault. Every year on the anniversary of their deaths he allows himself to breakdown. Unfortunately this year with the added stress of his adoptive parents’ 25th wedding anniversary and the overwhelming rush of all the people he has to deal with, this one is much worse.

This excerpt is about twice the length of what a normal one would be, but it was all needed. Blake is going into a panic attack and he rushed to his room to gather the instructions Sir gave him to use on a daily basis if needed. In his hurry they dropped and scattered and he has no idea which instruction goes with which day.

Going back to my bed, I put his daily items in order and then tried to match them with their corresponding images or links. There were only five left, but I could not get them to match up and the more I tried, the more frustrated I felt. “Why can’t I match them up?” I growled to myself as I pushed through the pain. I knew if I could just get to his next lesson that I could make it through. I just needed his next…

Out of nowhere, Tracy’s voice entered my brain. “Get over it already.” But I couldn’t. I had to get Sir’s instructions back in order. He would be so disappointed if he were to find out I screwed them up! I wasn’t sure how long it took him to come up with all these suggestions, but he went to a lot of trouble and I could not disappoint Sir. I just couldn’t!

Scrambling through the papers again, my eyes lit upon the instructions for Day 10. 

Some people think that issues from the past should just be forgotten or pushed aside – that it is as easy as changing your shoes or brushing your teeth. Their belief that anybody can easily get over anything just by deciding to is asinine and short-sighted…

My eyes began to blur again. A phrase from his instruction jumped out at me as if catapulted from the page. Anybody can easily get over anything just by deciding to. The rest of the words faded to background as those words hammered into my head. 

“Sir would never put up with me,” I moaned, dropping the pages. “Not if he really knew me. Not if he knew the real me.” Sliding off the bed, I collapsed onto the floor, tears leaking down my face. Get over it already. A mixture of Sir’s and Tracy’s words reverberated around in my head. “I can’t,” I sobbed. “I can’t. My fault, all my fault.” I crawled toward the door to lock it, but couldn’t find the strength to get that far, so I curled up into a ball and just cried. 

The memory of that horrible day twenty-five years ago crashed into me. 

Book Description:

Blake’s Breakdown
Part 5 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Length: Short Story
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles

Every year on the anniversary of his parents’ deaths, Blake grieves – though usually he does it in private. Thrust into pain even he did not know he was capable of, Blake completely breaks down, unaware there is help on the way in the form of Sir. Will he accept the help Sir offers?

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