If I don’t respond…

Hi friends and fans:)

Just a small note – I am gearing up for a heavy month in July and am apt not to be around much anyway. But in the meantime, thought I would make you aware of something.

I am intuitive and a bit of a sponge for emotions. Most of it comes from being a Cancer – we do that. It is not something I can stop or even think consciously about doing. I just do. If someone is within a mile of me physically or is someone I talk to online, I soak up their emotions immediately without knowing it.

Believe me – it gets very tiring very fast. I am filled many times with emotions which are not my own that drive me crazy because I have no idea where that sudden change of emotion came from.

So, I want you to know that if I ignore a comment you leave, if I do not respond to a post you have made, if I do not share/retweet something you post, it is because I do not want those emotions. It says nothing about our friendship.

What it says is that I am tired of being on a continual battle with emotions which are not my own which weigh on me and before I know it I am making comments fraught with those emotions, Emotions I DO NOT WANT TO FEEL NOR EXPRESS.

You have the right to be down, angry, happy, sad…whichever one you are. I am not saying you should change that – What I am saying is I take in thousands of emotions daily, not just yours. And the last thing I want to be putting out into the universe is the antithesis of the vibration I wish to be on. Plus, being the person I am, I would want to help, which would just open myself to even more of those emotions…

So, what am I saying? Do not take it personally. This is just something I need to do for me until I can clear the chaos. I have enough emotions to be dealing with on the physical plane – I don’t need to be battling them on the internet. So, if I don’t comment on something you said, or respond when I normally ‘would’. Just realize I can’t.

I wish you all well and hope your lives go the way you want them to. But I also wish the same for me.

On to a more positive, tranquil, and perfectly-intentioned life.

And no – that does not mean I won’t be online. I will just be more careful about where I place my thoughts and emotions.

photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert via photopin cc

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