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Hope you are enjoying this wonderful Seductive Studs & Sirens Saturday, dedicated to LGBT erotica, romance and erotic romance. Check out my snippet and then go enjoy the snippets posted by other LGBT authors & bloggers.

Continuing on with the Blake/Dusty Chronicles, we are now at Chronicle #3, Blake’s Little Slip.

In this scene, Blake has gone home for his parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. (His parents are not his biological parents even though they are related.)

The next time I woke up, it was to the scent of coffee and something delectable. Taking in a huge breath, I opened my eyes. Oh, yeah, my parents’ house. Grinning, because the sun was now up as opposed to when Tracy called, I got up, grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom. After a quick shower and a shave, I dressed and went downstairs to see what wonderful concoction Theresa had made for breakfast. 

“Morning,” I called, walking into the kitchen where my parents were. Theresa was backed up to the kitchen island and Brian was pressing her against it. “I didn’t know coffee was an aphrodisiac,” I smirked, looking at them. 

They both laughed. “Theresa is an aphrodisiac,” Brian chuckled walking over to give me a hug. “Welcome home, son.”

“Thanks, Dad,” I grinned, chuckling when as I released him, I was pulled into a hug by Theresa.

Book Description:
Blake’s Little Slip
Part 3 of The Blake/Dusty Chronicles
Length: Short Story
Genre: Gay BDSM Erotic Romance
Series: Blake/Dusty Chronicles
A whole week with the family is too much as it is, without twenty-five years of guilt hanging over his head as well. Can Blake keep it all together and keep his secrets with the help of Sir? Or will something slip?

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