Thursday madness… it’s all Anastasia Vitsky’s fault

I blame the following on +Anastasia Vitsky though she will tell you it is all a product of my crazy little mind. (She might be right.)

She told me that characters don’t have sex when I complained my characters were gettin’ some and I wasn’t. My muse took over and next thing you know… Carene from Ana’s Simple Gifts came into my imagination and well… this was the result.

Carene’s Stumbles onto Thianna’s Imagination

The door in front of her had a plaque that read Thianna’s Imagination but it looked unfamiliar. Why was she here and what were those odd sounds on the other side? Not one to back down, she quickly opened the imposing piece of wood and walked inside. It was so dark that at first she could not see what was going on but as the door slammed behind her and her eyes became accustomed to the low lighting she began to make sense of her surroundings.

The room was circular with slate flooring and uneven rock aligning the walls. The sounds, which had been muffled from the other side hit her with an intensity that shocked her. Screams, wails, moans… all of it combined in some sort of perfect symphony that caused reactions deep within her that at first she did not understand.

Why was her heart beating fast?

Why were her panties so damp?

And why was the scene right in front of her of a woman who looked tremendously like Leila suspended from the ceiling by her ankles while being whipped so delightful?

Slowly she walked around, taking in everything around her. Many different couplings astounded her. Two men, three men, two men and a woman, three women, two women and… Carene blinked and turned away. She wasn’t ready for that. In fact she was sure she would never ever be ready to see that. How could someone…? Shuddering she put it out of her mind.

Walking back the way she came, her eyes once again settled on the woman hanging upside down. She screamed as the whip hit her buttocks and Carene moaned as her core tensed. How had she not known of this place? It was so… unbelievably scary? Passionate? Terrifying? And part of her wanted to be the one wielding that fine piece of leather.

“Mistress, might I serve you?”

The soft male voice came from her left and she turned, her desire slowing as she took in the older man in chain mail and nothing else. What a turn off, she thought. “No, I don’t think so.” Slowly she stepped away from him only to be met by a couple.

“Want to scene with us?” the man asked looking her over. “My slave wants to be topped by me and another. What do you say?”

Interest and revulsion ran through her and she offered a tremulous smile even as the desire to take the ruler the young woman at his side had and slap it across her fingers came to her. “Thank you, no. I’m just here…visiting.”

Once they left, she turned back to the scene she had been watching only to be disappointed because the girl was no longer hanging from her ankles. Instead, a man was suspended in some sort of harness, his … OH MY GOD! Carene’s eyes bugged out of her head as she saw a piece of his anatomy she did not care to see.

Turning frantically, she ran for the door, wrenching it open and rushing through, her steps only slowing as she once again entered the mind of her scribe Anastasia Vitsky.

“Ana,” she said, collapsing into a chair, “I am so glad I am in your head. That Thianna has one sick imagination. Don’t ever let me go there again. The things I just saw…. If you ever do that to me, I’m leaving. And I’m taking Leila with me.”

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