Astrological Charting

I need to learn more about astrology. I need to understand what all the houses mean. The moon rules my life with a clenched fist and I need to understand it so I can deal with these issues when they come up.

I am sharing with you my birth chart. This is my birth chart created using my real name, not the pseudonym. Does anyone know of any basic books that give the basics without going into such detail that my brain will shrink and I will never finish it? I would be grateful!

Now, I am NOT asking for you to do a reading of this chart – I actually have that information. But just knowing how things were at my birth – while it helps me to understand things about myself, it doesn’t help me to understand the current movements of the planets and their direct correlation to my body and emotions.
So, if you know of any good books for beginners, please put them in the comments. Or if you know of any books relating to people who are severely ruled by the movements of the moon! (I searched for any information for a real Lyconthrope or Moon society but what I came up with was mythical game playing stuff; not what I was looking for.) Thanks!

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